Poetry 2018 Longlist, Vandana Parashar


In the middle of the night,

I heard a commotion.

In my state of delirium,

I tried to decipher it.

Was it my mind playing games, 

Or my heart fluttering, trying to escape my chest?

And then, there was an earsplitting sound of something shattering…

God! I was scared to death!

Fear and tears in my eyes,

Hands shaking uncontrollably,

I tried desperately to summon all my strength…

But it had abandoned me, leaving me weak and vulnerable.

What was happening??

I had no clue.

Was there an intruder in my happy abode?

And what was knocked off?

It must be something fragile and precious.

I must not have been careful enough and put it in wrong the place.

I went ahead and what met me, made me gasp for breath.

Shattered into million pieces,

There it was-

My trust.


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