Poetry 2018 Longlist, Sudeepto Mishra


She came like a wind,

Blew my heart of sands,

Gave me hers in return with lots of pain.

I was stiff like a mountain,

She cut through me like a river,

Took all my aches and rues,

I was stunned standing dumb without any clues.


I had heard of angels,

However, had never encountered one.

When she flew in my thoughts,

I aforesaid she is the one.

Her skin glowed as a glacier’s glaze,

Her smell allured me to a piety craze.


The tight grips of her soft hands

As if into the sea, the sky bends.

The swirling breathe tickling my face

Magnetizing my arms still to embrace.


The heavy weights of respect pushed them down

Recollecting my true sense, I acted as a clown,

Destroyed the layers of pink awkwardness

Making hick comedies with a clumsy face.


Tons of words rolling to my tongue,

Though letters fading out of the chunk.

There was a lot to utter and pre

But my lips continuously disagreed.


I grab hold of my usual routes

And dwindled in my cozy boots.

Finesse I played, injected a free will,

In disguise projected ways, the anguish to kill.


Certainly, I left some clues to unveil,

If destiny is fortuned enough to her heal,

The vice versa will be recaptulated

In some time line again.

There I wait and will wait in pain,

Until she comes and rescue my gains.

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