Poetry 2018 Longlist, Shivani Dua


You are an insight into the spectacle of Nature

Which is fashioned by the Great Creator,

You are like a window through which I see the cosmos

Enriched with cactus pricks and crimson of a rose,

You glisten with happiness in my happy moments

And well up with tears in my laments,

You deserve to be tended with care

Your company takes me away from despair,

I can’t even dream of a life without you

I am not flattering, it is true,

I can see through you the ebb and flow of a rill

Flowing from the high hill,

You help me in enjoying the sight of lush greenery and swaying crops

And the crystal clear falling rain drops,

You help me to see the bright moonlight

And sometimes draw my attention to the blind’s plight,

It is impossible to lead life without eyes

But the blind does it with tears and sighs,

I pray to the Great Creator

May no one be devoid of the sights of beautiful Nature,

My eyes are my treasure

Whose worth I can’t measure.


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