Poetry 2018 Longlist, Harikrishnan R

The Way Of Mighty

What’s happiness and mighty?

Doing good, yeah of course

It’s with high etiquette

Can it mingle with satisfaction?

Sure, often it makes a presence with it.

Can it afford applause?

It’s again fantastic.

If one might be happy with his deeds?

Accord and conduct perceives it.

Conceiving a good aspect, is it?

It emblazes always above all.

Can think and doing it twice, make it?

Yes! Find it a resolution for it.

Reading and writing good words, can it be?

Be kind enough to approve its fact also.

Smiling and laughing, can it allow?

Both are pleasant and make a fillip.

Caring dear ones, want to know it?

That provides pretty.

Caressing and singing lullabies, have a stare at it?

It catches the attention of virtue, might be.

Singing melodies by loiter, come it across?

It’s a perfect combination of gay and thrill.

Hearing and enjoying enchanting songs, how’s it?

It makes a perfect human all through his ways.

Engaging and profuse application of Energy, can understand it?

It appeals an enthusiasm and zest, its casual.

Helping and favor ones with modesty, It’s a way?

All makes a unique feeling altogether.

Seeing and appreciating a generous face, it’s what?

Exuberance withstands with it.

Elegance allures pertinent activities always

Waiting for a normal cause of notion

Makes clear the path of solution

Entering into a charismatic flowery world

Bring forth love and devotion in prolific

Huddle around a dingle, at least once

Faces a deluge of experiences lasting for ever

Have a vision of lush lakeshores and lashings of backwaters

All bring back the faith in life

Going a pilgrimage by whispering chants and prayers

Acquaintance of good habits and making good friends

Attiring in polite words and deeds all through the life

All are ways for attaining divinity and devotion

Began to mature by conceiving apprehensions

Acclamation for notable proposals

Living and making lively the surroundings with hilarious ways

Strong enough to attain a reputation with augur

Rendezvous at sea shores along with favorite buddies

Spending and playing without any speculations

Without being drab and gloomy, following day to day routine

Notwithstanding hassles in the air, making handsome

Breathing fresh air and walking gently

Raising head up before Sun rise and making ablutions

Entering deep into the woods in gregarious

Making a conscience and find out the value of nature

Replenishing always with righteous attitude

Filling up the activities with enough aspiration

Motivation and perseverance might bring it fabulous

Chatting simple words making more dignified

Understanding the flora and fauna bring forth value of life

Amazement is the basement of amusing facets

Prodigal and profligacy find out happiness in rare occasions

Genuine gestures bring always simplicity and exhilaration

Rainy days and its anticipation making cool

Mild breeze and loitering around a brook making marvelous

Exploring to a façade of fallen buds and flowers finds out aesthetic

Well accustomed with the beauty of nature bring pleasure

Majesty protruding in the sight of greenery and vegetation

Mountain mist and its spread over to the valleys assigning picturesque frames

Dark clouds and rainbow awaits a unique combination of beauty

Deep oceans reverberate always about virtue and the divinity of nature

Mild dew and droplets of down pour remind always the solemnity of nature

Serene and grandeur Sceneries of nature bring back childhood

Corroboration of colleagues provide good understandings about life

Caricatures of various ways of life get to know about diversity

Glimpses of glories and gala of it make the way blossom

Bliss of Almighty proves to be mighty all through the ways

Grab and perspire various aspects of fantastic things

Love and devotion prove to be the steps for success

Humble apprehensions approve throughout the ways

How fantastic to see the funny and fair approaches of life

All make bliss in the Universe with the grace of Almighty

Dreams proposes mighty deed and heed in every step

How wondrous and full of forbearance is the way of life

Nothing more than devotions keep the way clear

Masters and Virtue make a lamp of glare and clarity all the way

In pleasant occasions always move ahead with nobility

Mighty and elegance procure along with happy moments

Secure the journey all through the way with rigidity and courage

Often this journey bring some peculiar notion

Sometimes to move ahead in the pavements of rubbles

Most occasions along a bed of roses

Fait accompli never denies the Supreme!

Him, who guides, gives hand not to fall and fill with wisdom to move ahead.

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