Poetry 2018 Longlist, Hamid Khan

a late night in december, poetic trance in an isolated cafe  

the warmth of freezing winter, cryptic flavor of this peculiar latte


sublime art on the abstract wall, a dream floating in my eyes

the beats of my heart echo, while the rain eventually subsides


overwhelming ambience of nostalgia, a face somewhere in time to sieze

intensifying aroma awakening my senses, brought here by a distant breeze


deviance of delusional music, giving birth to this emotional prelude

an unembellished wedding to attend, an entire universe to exclude


fulsome splendor of her flawless love, radiating pattern of eternal grace

an implausible allegory of intimate passion, surpassing the science of time and space


and when yearning deforms into the sparkling of stars, eyes stay glued to the enticing moon

nothing comes easy to an everlasting lover, 31/12/very soon, 31/12/very soon…

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