Poetry 2018 Longlist, Debasish Mishra


Years tears flow, go by; I
Can’t rant but shut
My dry mouth — drouth
Of love, each speech.

Pain rains, yet debt
Of love I try
To (phew) free, repay, yay,
In bins of shoved, few, muted dead words, birds

Sith without clouts, wings, things;
Smacked, blacked by lies, fate. Wait,

Red shreds, pale, stale,
Of love thrive;
Strives my dry soul, whole, huh! To be free;
Eyes dry hold golden ken— streams, dreams!

Note – This poem is the fusion of two novel forms of poetry – a Roseate Sonnet and a Couplette. A Roseate Sonnet is a form invented by Dr. Ampat Koshy in which the traditional sonnet is remodeled with an acrostic at the end, reading ROSE. A Couplette, on the other hand, is another form of poetry devised by Dr. Duane Vorhees, in which the rhyme of syllables has to be maintained (For instance, the first syllable has to rhyme with the second, the third syllable has to rhyme with the fourth and so on).

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