Poetry 2018 Longlist, Chandrama Deshmukh

What’s The Plan?  

So what’s the plan?

Well, there’s no plan.

Wanderers, weirdoes, misfits,

we don’t plan, hell, we can’t do it.

It’s all already decided, we follow the flow

Oh no, it’s not exhausting.

It’s calming infact.

Sleepless nights

Because we can’t bring ourselves

to snooze under the gorgeous moon.

We the charioteers of abstractions

that are broken yet beautiful.

We, the mad tribe, shudder

When a star falls

on an incomplete poem

And we, who paint with black coffee

For hours, seeking nothing.

No idea, no form.

This nothingness is our meaning

We are the meaning we seek.

What? How do we manage our time?

We don’t. It manages us.

The clock is one magnanimous abyss

With no bottom. We deep dive.

The layers melt one after the other

Our core is brutally exposed

The rough edges make us bleed.

But we go on breaking patterns

Rambling directionless.

With no plans, whatsoever.

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