Poetry 2018 Longlist, Avantika Singhal

One way To Live

Loneliness lingers,

like pain after a broken heart.

Loneliness expands,

like the sun’s beam on a warm day.

Loneliness shatters

every hope, every desire in your

tiny microcosm, bit by bit,

until you find it difficult to draw in air.

But loneliness empowers too.

It’s presumably a crusade to strengthen

your bones which were weakened

when you were roughly ruffled from the

wind blowing ashore and when your body

swayed in ungodly directions during the

high tides past sunset.

Loneliness helps you realize

that you need only your heart and only your

smile to make yourself happy.

You need to be lonely to know what it was

like to be surrounded.

You must stay lonely to learn what is it

like to embrace solitude, you must accept it

and let it grow on you.

You must do so until loneliness is not a

travesty. It’s a choice.


  1. The Truth That I Swallow Every Day.


It took me some time. But

I eventually understood. Serpentine

roads may look devilish but in

the end, you do manage to go

through. One by one. Each day,

each hour. You battle with an

unknown vice of yours or with the

world. And, the world is still

learning, quarrelling, scattering

breaking and mending. We learn

to deal with it. We grow to accommodate

its flaws with ours. Every day, I become

resilient to fear and mishap. Back home,

I was a flower trapped among the branches of

a potted plant. Here, on foreign soil,

everything is so different as I am now a blooming

and vibrant bud, germinating from one of the

cracks in the pavement. The sun comes out

every day in the same way it did back home

but here, the sun rays tickle my insides

until I am nothing but bliss.

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