Poetry 2017 Longlist, Tanusha Shrivastava

True Soulmate

Tanusha Shrivastava

It happened in a past time,
There was a breeze with a little chime.
We met with our strange eyes,
 You were a child and so was I but my heart doesn’t lie.
Today we are big enough to understand our childhood love,
And our love grows somewhere in a cloying heart.
Everyday we live in each other and you understand me with your mesmerising eyes.
You wept my tears and offered your shoulder in a beautiful night,
 And I love the way you coddled me everytime.
We shared our feelings and our relationship took a new turn,
There was a hidden love among the cohurt.
Your prayer protected me from their rebelling mind,
But the time didn’t accepted our feelings.
The Romeo nightmare came true and cohurt separated us that night.
You left me with a heavy heart and our chapter came to an end…
I waited for you to tell what feelings were inside me.
Today wherever are you on this earth I promise,
 I you will stay in my heart till my last breath.
I slept forever in the lap of nature with a belief that in another sunshine,
I will live again in that cherub to complete my love life…

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