Haiku Winners & Featured Writers

First Prize – Javeria Kausar

Second Prize – Shobhana Kumar

Third Prize – Shloka Shankar        

Featured Poets

Vandana Parashar       Aditi Mahajan          Jagari Mukherjee     

First Prize – Javeria Kausar

Calm, tranquil water

with bodies in its belly-

Engulfing mirror

Second Prize – Shobhana Kumar

moon craters our fights like a sickle

Third Prize – Shloka Shankar

en plein air the redness of birdsong 

Featured Poets


forest retreat
the brook in step 
with wren’s song
Vandana Parashar

Moonlit night

Horns singing, starry headlights

Lovers crash

Aditi Mahajan 



Sapphire butterflies

like memories in a jar

color the skies blue

Jagari Mukherjee


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