Poetry 2017 Longlist, Rajni Rethesh


Rajni Rethesh

I lay on the naked bed, the whole day and the whole night,
Only the stark ceiling was a witness to my plight.
The ruthless fan circled round and round,
Mocking at the vile thoughts brewing in my mind.
Tickling at the mysterious feeling wrenching my heart.
A willowy bayonet, standing picture perfect in the magazine,
Seemed to titillate my unnerved nerves. 
The acrid liquid, my domestic splattered across the room, 
Satiated my thirst for life.
Ways different and varied, I connived to visit the land, cold and frozen.
Suddenly my gloomy glare fell on  the bud, lively and sprightly, on my window sill,
Swaying and dancing to mushroom in the seasons unknown and gruelling.
Contrite,  I sprang up from my bed abash,
Deciding to prance the pasture and desert of life.
With vigour and passion.

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