Poetry 2017 Longlist, Lakshmi V

To Dad, With Love

Lakshmi V

I sat across the table, to  see the hands work on
Tirelessly through the pages, through the tools kit too.
I admired the deftness and the swiftness of this guy
Who mesmerized my hero worship, all through my life.
Yes, he was my dad, his memories fresh as dewdrops
His smile comforting and holy!
Not a grudge nor complain ,as he enveloped his fatigue
His age showed no pity, though wrinkles covered his life.
Ability and  respect  ,humility and console
Lay wreath  upon  him ,as he travelled to that path
Of never  return  world.
My tears stood still, my hopes into ashes
My image of his shadow just counted my days.
I know you are fine ,with a cup of coffee
But, we miss you dad, your heart and soul;
Your support as hard as a rock and the charisma
Is still on the  photo, rich with your smile.
Thanks dad anyway, sorry for the troubles
Whatsoever the creation…..you are the best!
To dad , with love
Yours ever loving daughter…
As I lay a flower upon your hopes, you cherished
I  realize your words… YOU TOO  CAN DO IT, my child!

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