Featured Writer, Poetry 2017, Usha Murali

Curse of Keratoconus
Usha Murali

Light bends and dances
The strand of ray prances.
What curse is this?
A light ray, ray no more!

A pillar isn’t stable
It sways and wobbles.
What curse is this?
Straight and sturdy, pillars are no more!

Moving goods and the trader
Are bouncing dolls that teeter
What curse is this?
No motion is steady anymore!

But Mom, you are four
One over the other you are more
Showering love and warmth a score.
Your smiles and looks
With its multiplicity, me hooks.
What curse is this?
Nay! It’s a curse no more!

And dad, he is manifold
With more hair than his head could hold.
His stern love oozing from every fold.
His lean frame vanished
A huge stalwart instead is furbished.
What curse is this?
It is not a curse anymore!

She sits near me
Her hair redolent
Her smile resplendent
Her form multiple- transcendent.
My sister- many in one
What curse is this?
It’s never a curse, none!

Clouds and skies merge
Multitudes of shades splurge
Moons are what I have
Splashing colours and dancing letters, I brave.

Green of the trees
Flying birds et all
This vision- all boundaries it frees.

A 6/6 vision
Can never make this provision.
What a curse is this?
Keratoconus- a curse it is no more!

Note: Inspired by my son who suffers from keratoconus in his left eye. He was explaining his vision with a highly positive outlook on a balmy evening. He made it appear as if it was amazing to be able to see things as a blur. I know he suffers and yearns for proper vision. I wrote this to portray his problem as well as his spirit.
PS. He is wearing a special lens that gives him better vision now.

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