Poetry 2017 Longlist, Debasmita Sarangi

Debasmita Sarangi

In those serene moments of thoughtless silence,
I dream, I dream of a cherished vision,
armoured with determination and faith,
to live and feel the kiss of the sun.

Free I am today from the shackles of bondage,
free to explore the blue expanses of the sea and the sky,
free to follow the voice within me,
free from all the false commitments I had made.

I know not what I do,
I know not what I ought to,
facing dejections and rejections as they come through,
In my endeavour, just to be true.

Now that I am at the last phase of my punishment,
the punishment endured due to misplaced trust,
I shall muffle all clatter and dreads,
And set out for my “Bon Voyage” ahead.

I dare enter the castle on fire,
to purge my all of Life’s satires,
I fear not what challenges would require,
as I’m ablaze in the wildest fire of Desire.

I fear not the fiercest of winds,
I shall row across with all my strengths,
all by myself through the chilliest nights,
in the direction of the Pole star’s light.

It is not the question of recognition,
nor is it to prove one’s excellence,
it is the quest of my dignity lost,
in the facade of winning the society’s trust.

It is also the expedition of love,
love of the Everest of my Life,
I shall trek and trek unto its peak,
To see my vision fulfilled, that’s all I seek.

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