Poetry 2017 Longlist, Damini Gupta


Damini Gupta

If I do forget you one day, I don’t smile on your way
Come and play with my memories, just make me remember.
Say to me ,you are not dead ,make me feel alive
Don’t let me  fade like ember, just make me remember.

Remind me of the weathers spent together ,
Those humid summers and parties of chilly winters.
Bring back the essence of you in me,
Come to me in any December, just make me remember.

Don’t count spring and autumn, let pass October and November
The music of your voice in my ears , just make me remember.
Kiss me like morning breeze ,don’t wait for sunset and sunshine
Try harder until you cater, just make me remember.

Count of the talks and fights, count of smiles and tears
The promises and the vows I made, just make me remember.
Stop  me from going away, don’t let me break apart
You will love me till the end, just make me remember.

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