Poetry 2017 Longlist Anila Vivek


Anila Vivek

Bygone glow back upon her face
A quickening of her pace,
A tingle of excitement,
Thanks to the indictment…

Looks of pity and frustration,
Well-worn note of hesitation,
An apology for science,
The mystery of deviance…

Uncontrolled fission of cells,
A headless band of rebels,
Leftover moments,
Time for penance…

But a tide of joy,
A license to enjoy
A lease of life,
No more strife…

Her progeny’s indifference,
Siblings’ belligerence,
Her husband’s disdain,
Will no longer pain…

Dusts off her dreams,
Freedom she screams,
Makes her own bucket list,
Marks each desire she had to miss…

To go back to school,
Take a dip in the clear pool,
Go on a last picnic,
Watch, read and write a classic…

To teach young minds,
To lift off few blinds,
To dance with abandon,
Fearing absolutely none…

No more societal norms,
No longer she  conforms,
Days are her own,
This is finally her zone…

Bewilderment, shock and despair,
As the family becomes aware,
Their axis has forsaken, 
To the Maker she will be taken…

Tears, regret and guilt,
Too late they were spilt,
Never had they paid her heed,
Only in Death will she be freed…

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