Poetry 2017 Longlist Aishwarya Sridhar

An Ethereal Bond

Aishwarya Sridhar

Deep in the forests where the fireflies fly
A beautiful friendship was blooming to die.

Between a predator and a prey
Existed a bond that was meant to stay.

Prancing and playing amidst the trees
Drowned in the beautiful forests peace.

Until one day the machines arrived
And cut down trees both alive and dried

Atop the boulders the two sat perplexed
Wondering what would happen next

The birds and bees flew here and there
But out two pals sat with a fixed stare

One by one the trees fell on the ground
As the jungle echoed with a deafening sound

The monkey could escape if he wanted to
But swinging on trees the tiger could never do

So he sat on the tiger and together they walked
Through the fallen trees and broken rocks

Wonder if they made it to a far away place
I hope they are alive by heavens grace

A story so rare the canopies did hold
And perhaps many more could be told

If only we care to let our forests be
Many a life could coexist peacefully

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