Poetry 2009 Featured Writers Indira Ballal

Child’s Play

Go on!
Sweep everything under the carpet!
Like an ostrich, hide your head in the sand!
This has become a game
Of “In-The-Pond, On-The-Bank.

Many were the games we played,
Like unthinking, naive children:
“Hide & Seek”–you hid and I did seek,
And “Ring-O-Ring-O-Roses”,
But, it’s me who fell down.

We played “Leader, Leader, Change, Change”,
I led, you changed;
The mad swings and wild see-saws,
I took it all, till “I Spied”,
You weren’t playing at all.

Only, I was playing,
Playing alone,
A game of ” Solitaire”
In my lonely mind:
And, it isn’t Child’s play anymore.

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