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Wordweavers November Edition 2012


Submissions for the year 2012, begin on August 15 - September 15th. Selected entries will be published on November 1, 2012.

Download this Word attachment, fill in the entry details and send it to escribespublications@yahoo.com.

Here are just a few particulars to follow during the submission of your poem/story.


Kindly send Each Poem/Flash Fiction/Short Story as a separate Word attachment.

There are 3 sections and you can send 3 entries in each section.

1) Poetry: poems of not more than 30 lines with title.

2) Flash Fiction: story not more than 500 words with title.

3) Short Story: story not more than 3000 words with title.

Kindly go through the basic spell check routine. You could opt to read out your work to someone in the profession of writing who could offer you some invaluable suggestions.

Please read the following before submitting your work to us.

Submission of your work tells us that you've read this, agree with it, and still want us to publish your work.

  • Entrant must be a citizen of India, residing in India.

  • Please understand that we reserve the right to accept or reject your work. Several factors are considered in our final decision whether or not to include your work in our publication, including the message, the method by which it's conveyed, the style, and how much of it works when combined.

  • Entrant should be above the age of 16, having completed 16.

  • Please mail a scanned copy as a photo identity, or address proof could be a passport or your college ID. (Contestants who have submitted the proof in the previous year's contest need not send it again.)

  • Your work must be your own, original, unaided work. Kindly avoid any Copyright hassles.
  • All the entries must be in English only.
  • There is no entry fee for the Contest.
  • Your original work must be submitted by email and received by the deadline posted on the page to be considered for the contest.
  • Please send each entry as a separate attachment in one email. Send the attachment as a Word file.
  • The work can either be published or unpublished. In case it is published please mention the name of the magazine or the publisher.
  • The vouchers cannot be redeemed for a cash prize and will be issued only in the name of the winner as sent for the contest.

Terms and conditions

  • These terms apply to the entrants for new edition of Wordweavers 2012, Escribes Publications. You agree to abide by these terms in their entirety. If you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions, you should not use this service. The organisers reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.
  • You declare that you are a resident of India and over the age of 16 at the day of submitting the entry.
  • You agree that you are legally capable of entering the Wordweavers Contest and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and that you are competent (i.e. you are of sufficient age and mental capacity) and eligible to enter into a legally binding agreement or your parents have consented to your entry of the Contest and use of this service, with its rules and terms and conditions.
  • By submitting your creative work, you declare that the it is your own, original work, that it contains no matter which is defamatory or is otherwise unlawful in India, or which invades individual privacy or infringes any proprietary right or any statutory copyright; and you agree to indemnify and hold the organisers harmless against any claim to the contrary.
  • You agree that while you retain ownership of your work, and by submitting an entry to the contest, you give Escribes Publications, permission to use your entry, with acknowledgement, but with no payment to you, in their websites, as part of Press Releases (from where they may be reproduced by media organisations). Should your entry be selected for publication, you give the editors and publishers of the compilation the right to edit your work as they see.
  • Should you be declared a prize winner, you will be contacted solely through the name and address you had given at the time of entry submission, so that the organisers can get your mailing address. You therefore agree that you will respond to this notification within 30 days from the day of the results, and should you fail to do so, (1) the organisers have the right to award the prize to the next highest scoring entry, and (2) you forfeit all claims to the prize.
  • You agree that the decisions of the screening jury and the contest judges are final and binding, and no correspondence will be entertained regarding these decisions.