Wordweavers India 

One for the Road

Sunanda Khosla


This is how it goes-
No one can help the way wind blows.
And the rush hour drawls on.
And there isn't a bridge, which they haven't put their tolls on.
As long as life is in the backseat
Any road you can take, without accepting defeat.
The change comes when you steer with your hands.
It's then when you know what the rule of the road commands.
And there is always some disaster-
With only one choice to make thereafter-
Either laugh or cry.
And ignore the passers-by.
Then there are the potholes-most of them are quite small.
But there's always something telling you, that's not all.
Know your brakes know your speed-breakers
And watch out for the wrong-side over-takers.
The stops are known - the destination ain't.
Every road in its way is quite quaint-
But go too fast or go too slow,
No one can stop the breeze to blow.