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The Anthem

Samiya Javed

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Do not fret
over the weather, darlin',
Don't you worry 
about that coffee stain,
for all your grief, 
it's here to stay,
unlike your lover in Spain.

Do not dwell 
on yesterday's bullets, darlin',
they've left the rifle,
they've kissed the sky,
dwell instead, 
on the chances this day,
for the future is still a far cry!

Do not put away
the glitter, darlin',
there's just too much "normal" 
walkin' around,
plunge your pretty face, 
in a bucket-full,
wear the drama within
like a crown.

Do not let the crowd 
blend you in, darlin',
don't follow, 
if it pleases you so, 
take the road not taken,
march to your own, lousy beat. 

And when that phone rings 
on a Tuesday, darlin',
it's your lover calling from Spain,
tell that no-good dead-beat, 
to take a hike,
and quit being 
such a royal pain.