Wordweavers India 

In Search of...

Neelam Harpalani


In search of Silence, In search of peace,
I go wandering about every corner of life.
I believe in belief, I talk of humanity,
I cherish love, and I walk the road of morality,
As long as it’s happy, as long as it’s all about Me.

A moment of despair, a day of disappointment,
And the belief is on stake.
I lie, I cheat, I give in to the hidden evil in me,
I play blame-games and I sneak out of trying situations.
I walk the walk of desires; dwell on the greed that soothes the blinded soul.

The music is either soothing or heart-wrenching.
What makes up for a dance is your side of the story.
The good I do today may return ten folds some day,
But the good I un-learn today will go a long way.