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The Anthem

Leepsa NM

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After so many days of scorching sun
Rain breaks her silence from each one

Raised her voice through thunders and storms
Willy-nilly, the queen of all season, in new form

A handful of water I sprinkled over my face
The wide spread heavy rain started to chase

After summer the first kiss of the year to earth again
Bestowed relief the home habitants and the street men

In night, people sleep peacefully under of bed of cool weather
At day, children dancing in Joy and girls in delight singing together

Like the worship of saints, rain appeared as saviour
To protect those slaves to poverty pouring in their favour

They were searching for shades of trees from scorching heat
Rain heard their thoughts and feelings to fall in bare street

Looking into the realms of harsh life of road, the destiny shower
It poured more and more with all its strengths and power

To bring mutation in hearts and minds to free from fatigue face
To bequeath a fresh mind in fresh earth with all its grace

Every grass seems greener and bright revealing its beauty secrets
Every leaves seems wearing pearl of million water droplets

Each pour of rain from branches seems like cheerleaders
To cheer up the hapless victims of summer creatures

The frogs singing in their own rhyme & trees making kissy noise
Fishermen at sea going back to spend time with wife and kids with toys

Rain seemed not in a hurry to leave after just one day
I and rain sit together and each other company we enjoy

Today in it is piercing into the heart of earth
Tomorrow into a new life it will give birth