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Abeer Zehra Naqvi

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Do you know?
What across the sky flows?
What holds the seven seas?
And what has caused me this whimsy
To write about Nature?
Yes, I am in Love and it is true!
For those who praise beauty in rhymes
Were, are and will be in love in all times
Across the sky, in the clouds
A beauty flows and faith it bounds
About the seven seas to talk about
They are held by the same beauty, no doubt
In my heart murmurs the same beauty
It says I am here as well and I perform my duty
I am the one from sky to deep sea
I am all around the universe you see
I rhythm your heart and nourish your soul
I am the beauty that will never be old
I reside in the purity of your veins
Today I must say that I am Love