Can I go get it, Mommy?


Can I go get it, Mommy?
I see it through the window
I want it so much, so badly
Can I go get it, Mommy?

The walls of my room
So brightly colored, just for me
The roof of my room
With twinkling stars, just for me

But I don’t want these, Mommy!
Can’t you see what I want?
Can’t you see on what my heart is set?
Can I go get it, Mommy?

Now someone else wants it too, Mommy
It’s so shiny and brilliant
They will take it away from me
Can I please go get it, Mommy?

An Ode


To the challenges and Miseries of life, I write.
At the point where struggles become a part of you,
Eventually the breath of life, It begins to be.
Into your bloodstreams it runs.

This stage of life I mark,
Where your shadow leaves you lonely.
When rejection becomes your refuge,
And ignorance your companion.

To my Enemies I ode,
For they strive to seize me down.
For they not only live to see my die,
But dream to see my destruction.

To them my heart goes,
For they are the only ones who think of me.
Be it in adversary,
But their thoughts are the only ones I visit.

Plea of a foetus

Arpita Ramachandra

I was barely blessed with life
A labour of love, a moment of triumph
Well hidden underneath the angel’s wings
Unknowing of the morbid songs Man sings.

An inch to an inch
In the measure of a pinch
Of all eclectic shades
The palette of colours before me laid.

With starry awe-struck eyes
I soaked in everything with never a ‘why’
With each unending passage of time
Could be heard my rhythmic heartbeats’ chimes.

Blissfully unaware of the ‘Judgement Day’
I never knew that later I’d never have a say
“A Girl! We refuse!” was my only acknowledgement
never did I dream to be trapped in this predicament.

Had destiny erred?
All my effulgence blurred
How wrong was I, I dwelled
Not to have recognized fate’s knell.

My eyes were to be shut
even before my first breath
Weighing a mere few kilograms, an encumbrance I was
And preferred was my death.

Don’t I have a heart,
A mind, a soul?
What was so wrong with me
That made you cry so foul?

Can’t I grow up to dance,
To sing, to play?
Or was my gender enough
To make my life a throw-away ?

Even the twinkling stars in the night
Is each unique in its sight
So does every spike of grass
Have its own pride, its own class.

Breathe life into me
Don’t snatch my soul from me
Let me see the rainbow, the sunshine and twilight
Give life a chance, it’s a forever delight.