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First Prize

Shwetal Rai

  1. She had beauty & bounty- like summer clouds. Her sister had neither. Her kids though like dark rain clouds, showered love & joy on all.

Romila Chitturi

Spam check asks me time and again if I was human. Well, I-phone in hand, I-pod humming  with I-pad’s LED lights. You make me wonder.


Featured Twit Fics

A cacophony of thoughts troubling ever since. Still she donned some plain emotions and mysterious looks.  And the world believed yet again.

- Priyanka Dharamsi

I can’t push window curtains, nor can I turn on music. I can’t wash blues off my face. My hands are missing! Have I forgotten them in yours?

- Chandrama Deshmukh

Remember every time you unfollow me, you are killing English, because there's no word like unfollow in English.

Harshit Bora


He pressed the trigger of his gun. The bullet hit the target’s head making the hole, no blood. How long till it’s just a dummy.

G S Vasu

She was sitting in the train. Like all the other women, she too was tired of life. Soon, with the thing in her purse, she’d liberate them all.

Heema Shirwaikar.