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The Hurdle

Amrit Sinha

As I walk towards the vines entwined across the fence, we bathed in the fragrance of pristine serenity. I remember how we curled up in love on the moist grass that rainy afternoon, tears exchanged with the tip of our tongues.
We disobeyed the fence at times, stealing long awaited celestial moments with the stars invading our privacy.
However, we never made promises; rather, we walked our separate ways, either side of the white fence, that symbolized the barrier that had always existed between us.
The fence stands majestically even today. Can I cross the hurdle one last time?

Heema Shirvaikar

Like every night, she sat at the bedroom window. She closed her eyes tight and muttered fervently. She’d do this every night. Sit by the window, and wait for a star to fall. Did shooting stars fulfil wishes? She did not know. But she waited for them to fall anyway. Just like she searched for four-leaf clovers, coins, stray eye-lashes, and rainbows. She had a simple wish. She wished for a family. But the lucky charms weren’t strong enough to work their luck. Yet. Hopeful, she retreated to her bed, joining several others like her, in the orphanage ward.


Morning Jogs

- Rachna Gupta

It was a bright morning; I put on my jogging gear and decided to run 10 km; just like the doctor had advised. I walked out of my house, inhaled the fresh air and thanked God for a beautiful morning.

I began jogging and saw a group of guys standing; I grew tense as they looked mean. I started jogging faster and then I heard a whistle. I turned around, glared at them, holding my cell phone tight in case I had to call the police. Soon I noticed a cute little pup running to them. I turned around embarrassed!