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For centuries they have existed deep-seeded into our society. They have had no glitches, no lapses in their secrecy like their contemporaries, the vampire society of the south Asians.

Descendants and heirs of one of the original civilizations of the world, the clan is of the highest order and respect in the global scenario. They remain underground for most of the time, stepping out into light only for the extreme of needs and tasks. To aid their path of disguise, they put on masks of religious and social beliefs in this orthodox society.

Main Characters:
Darang: the Head, over 2100 years old, human age around 50, created by then leader Kanwarjeet, always been in the royalty.
Meera: about 493 years old, human age around 25, second in command / adopted daughter of Darang
Zakib: almost 1000 years old, human age 33, main aid of Darang
Karzif: 170 years old, relatively new, human age 28, fast rising, origin unknown.
Sarvansh: 1300 years old, human age 24, one of the few left pure vampires. Our Protagonist.

Vampires have no weakness, only restrictions.
Sunlight doesn’t burn them up; it only slows them down and weakens them. They become as close to humans as possible under the influence of large amount of ultra-violet rays, slowly turning yellow and ultimately too weak to move.
They don’t need invitations to enter homes or buildings. They only follow the manners and protocols of medieval and ancient times, a decency long forgotten.


Chapter 1

Lalima waited patiently. Sarvansh was always late. Sometimes she felt he did it on purpose to test her patience, or maybe just to annoy her. But she liked this, waiting for him. It made her cherish her love for him; every second she waited, she spent it lost in his thoughts.
They had chosen their favourite coffee shop for today’s date. She had already placed her order; Sarvansh obviously wasn’t going to get anything. He did not like eating or drinking.
She tried his cell-phone again, but still no answer. Maybe he is driving, she thought.
She sipped her coffee and looked around; this place was like a couple’s haven. Almost every other table was occupied by a couple. Ever since she had developed her thinking power, she liked watching and observing people. The couple on her right were very quiet and she was certain their relation was undergoing complications. Another one across her table seemed to be enjoying, they were sitting next to each other, talking, laughing, and kissing a lot; definitely a fresh relationship. Suddenly the girl noticed her and Lalima blushed away.
The girl must have taken me for a desperate single woman, sipping coffee alone; Oh how she hated Sarvansh for being late!!
But then he showed up.
Sarvansh tried to direct his SUV into the relatively small gap between two weirdly parked cars across the coffee shop but failed. How he missed the old times when parking meant tying your horse in a barn. Frustrated at his parking skills, he left the car just like that, parked at an angle, half inside and half on the road. It is Delhi after all. He smiled.
The moment he opened the shop’s doors he could feel eyes on him. He was pretty noticeable after all. His long hair hung wildly, till his mid back. They were
his best feature for him. He had carried them like this for millennia; no way was he going to chop them off because the popular actors these days were spikey. His loose black tee could not conceal his muscles, neither could the smile on his face hide that he was an intimidating man.
He noticed her immediately, of course he did. He could smell her, feel her.
She looked as stunning as always. Her off shoulder maroon top revealing her collar bone, oh how much he liked her, even he could not tell.
He walked up to her table, in his usual fast paced gait. Most of the people were staring at him, he didn’t care. He was accustomed to it.
Lalima glared at him. Yes, he was amazingly handsome and stunning and she would give away anything to be with him, but she had to portray her displeasure at his late arrival.
He took the seat in front of her, not besides. As per him eye contact is more important than physical contact. His long dark hair covered his eyes as he bent to sit down. She never could really see deep into his eyes, just couldn’t.
“You’re late again.” Lalima said angrily.
“Oh, so we’re going to waste the sweet moments of our meet discussing facts that have occurred involving us. Bravo!” Sarvansh answered back, combing back his hair with his big hands.
Lalima laughed, he knew how to tickle her funny bone.
“You know, while I wait for you, people think I am a desperate sad single woman sitting here alone sipping coffee.”
“And what happens when I arrive?”
“Well, then I transform into this bad bitch who somehow managed to catch an amazingly hot boyfriend.”
Sarvansh took her hand in his and said “You have no idea how lucky I am to have found you. You are all that I ever did seek.”
“Oh my god! Relax. But for you I would wait for an eternity.” Lalima spoke back.
The waiter intruded. “Umm, Sir? What can I get you?”
“Nothing, thank you.” Lalima answered her. She knew Sarvansh did not like talking to strangers, and also that he did not eat or drink, much.
Sarvansh had taken back his hands, and was now staring at the wall behind her.
Lalima took another sip of her coffee, staring at him. He seemed so innocent and delicate there looking blankly at a wall, yet to someone who did not know him, he would seem arrogant and scary.
He spoke suddenly. “So you’re packed up for the weekend right?”
“Oh baby, I don’t really like road trips. Can’t we just go to some popular club or spa?”
“No! We’re leaving Saturday evening. No questions. Trust me you’ll love the place am taking you.” He looked at her straight in the eye now “You’ll never forget this place.”
“Okay, that sounded scary.” She laughed, and added “but all right I’ll be ready. But if you’re late, am not going to go.”
“I promise, I won’t be late”
The table next to them was taken by two couples. One of the guys who also had long curly hair, stared at Sarvansh for a moment. Sarvansh was busy reading the fortune tip on the table mat, but Lalima was sure he knew the guy was staring at him.
“Guess it’s part of being who you are?” Lalima asked Sarvansh in a low voice “people staring and looking all the time?”
“I’ve gotten used to it.” He replied back.
“Come one lets go, I’ve to show you my new car too.” Sarvansh said after a pause.
“On gosh, another one? What do you do? Oh wait I already know.” She said with a loud laugh.
“Oh you bought a SUV? I thought you were a sedan guy.” Lalima asked, staring at his new, badly parked, car.
“Well we needed a comfortable ride for our road trip, right?” He answered back.
“So you bought a car for one trip? Gosh you ARE weird.” Lalima said with a smile.
She leaned on the car and he stepped towards her. They kissed on the lips.
Sarvansh almost lost himself there. He did not want to stop. Her touch drew him mad. With every instant he was near her, he grew weaker. Like her love was cutting through his shields. This was not him, he had to stop. He pulled back.
“I’ll see you Saturday then, okay?” he said.
“All right. See you.” Lalima answered, a little disappointed that their kiss ended so soon. She loved Sarvansh; his touch scintillated every pore on her body, made her forget everything else. She never wanted to stop.
But she was a grown woman, and knew the limits of public display. She waved to Sarvansh, turned around and walked to her car parked down the line.
Sarvansh watched her walk back to her car. Sometimes he felt sad that he loved her. She is a good girl, it wasn’t her fault. But he quickly shunned away such thoughts, got into his car and zoomed off.
He did not obey any traffic rules; this was a fake registered vehicle after all. He adjusted his rear view mirror to look at himself. He looked vicious, he liked that. ‘It’s all in the eyes’, he believed. They give away all one wants to hide. His did not, he won’t let someone see deep enough.
His eyes were getting red, he had to feed.


Chapter 2

Meera hated human sacrifices. But there was no denying she had been arranging them for over 60 years now. This was going to be her 51s. That is an auspicious number, she smirked.
She was a pretty woman. Her human age was near 25, but she looked more mature. Her dark straight hair were always tied back tightly. Her slim figure gave her added agility compared to her adversaries. She had been part of the court for almost 200 years now, and wanted to ascend now.
She could see her hard work paying off, her dream, her ONLY dream coming to life. She could see it, see herself sitting on the South Asian throne, commanding all other vampires.
I would look good on a royal throne, she thought. She’d wear a long red gown on her crowning day, and some deep mascara too. Her long legs would look great on an altar. She could see everyone bowing to the prettiest vampire lord ever. They would want her, love her, but none would get her.
LOVE. She wished someone would love her. All her life, human and after, she fell for only one man, and he did not care, does not care.
She shunned away these distractions. She had to. She had to become Darang’s right hand. It was all she desired, all she lived for.
Darang, perhaps the most brutal and sinister leader in the entire vampire civilization. His small built had led a lot of people to under-estimate him, none had survived to correct their mistake.
He was over 2000 years old. An aged man, of about 60. Some say he used to be a priest as a human, some say he was a butcher, but most prefer not to talk about him. And rightly so.
This sacrifice was very important to him. He had failed in it before. She could not let that happen again. Failure meant rejection, demotion, NO crown! She would not let that happen.
“How is everything going, Meera?” It was Darang, right behind her. She had failed to sense him yet again. She needed to be more alert if she wanted to rule.
“The time has been calculated, the sacrifices are ready. Except for….” She hesitated.
“Except for Sarvansh’s pet, I believe?” Darang quizzed her.
“Yes, sir. He stated he would get her on THE day only.”
“It’s okay. I’ll look into that.” Darang said almost to himself, and left.
Sarvansh. How much she hated him. Somehow she felt he just lived to make life tough for her, to bring her down. But she brought herself back to her senses. Sarvansh was almost 1300 years old, he could crush her like a wasp if he wanted. He also would be her biggest hurdle in becoming the Lord.
Sarvansh was arguably one of the strongest vampires in the world today, not by his age but because of his blood. He had been created by Ma Ashanti, one of the ruling trinity of the original vampires. It had been his backing that had made Darang the vampire lord of south Asia after all. He did not want to become a Lord himself but he could prevent her from becoming one. She feared that.
“Everything seems to be in order.” It was Karzif, her deputy, a relatively young vampire, about 170 years old. He was about 30 in human years with a broad forehead, the initial signs of male pattern balding.
Even he had walked up to her, unnoticed. She really had to work on her alertness.
“yes, this is the final step.” She replied. They shared an uncanny bond of two siblings.
She still remembered his arrival at court. He had been caught in the forests, a young un-mentored rave vampire killing anyone within sight. Such vampires are killed by the court, but somehow Darang kept him alive. He trained him, became his master and when he was stable, he placed her under Meera, his favourite courtier. It was something in Karzif’s blood that attracted Darang, they said. He was somehow special.
“You have done it well, Meera.” He said after a pause.
“I just hope it ends well.” She said slowly.
“Sarvansh won’t hamper your work, trust me.” Karzif said carefully.
Meera did not like Karzif’s loyalty towards Sarvansh. Sometimes she feared the worst, that Sarvansh was his creator. That would destroy her. The only one in her vampire existence could not, should not be linked to the one she hated the most. NO!
“Go and check on the prisoners.” She said with a glare.
Karzif nodded and left. Whatever bond they may share, she had to act as his commander. Soon the time would come to test his allegiance. Soon.
Darang was as agitated as a 2000 year old vampire could be. Only three days till the sacrifice. He wanted his brother back. He needed him.
His still remembered the fight. Almost seven hundred years back.
“We’re badly outnumbered” one of the vampires was shouting. It was the war of the century as many elder vampires recalled it. The vampires were up against the black witches of doom. Nobody knew how it had begun, or at least no one told. But every vampire and witch was a part of it.
Kanwarjeet who was almost 1500 years back then, was the commander of the left flank of swordsman. Directly under him were Darang and Sarvansh, Darang because of his age acquired knowledge and strength, and Sarvansh because of his fierce swordsman skills.
He had found slaying the witches easy, something his comrades did not. They were losing. Their entire contingent had been reduced to a handful. But then, it had happened.
Out of nowhere, the werewolves had attacked. And they were against the witches. Something no one would have imagined. The battle had turned on its head. The combined forces of the vampires and the wolves was too much for the witches.
But then, Darang had made the biggest mistake of his life. He had gone after the queen witch, the strongest of all.
He sneaked up behind her, ready to slay her with his dagger. In the background he could hear someone screaming stop, perhaps it was Kanwarjeet, but he did not stop. Slaying the queen witch would mean the ultimate glory. He wanted that. She had someone by the throat, busy killing him. This was his chance. But just as he was about to pierce her neck from behind, she turned. He was eye to eye with her. He lost control in her hypnotic glare. His body numbed, he could not move. He could feel her draining his life from inside, but just could not act. And then it had stopped.
Sarvansh had stabbed the witch’s heart.
Darang went free, lost consciousness, and fell backwards. He could not recall much after he woke up again because of his dazed senses, only vague pictures.
The queen witch would not be killed by a single sword wound. She stood her ground still but dropped the man in her grasp. As Sarvansh stood there hypnotised, a mere 400 years old vampire, she grabbed him by the throat, starting to crush it.
But then Kanwarjeet had bitten her, draining her blood and putting an end to it all.
The queen witch, however, just before dying cast a spell on Kanwarjeet, her slayer, imprisoning him in a hysteresis for eternity.
Sarvansh had stated that day, he owed his life to Kanwarjeet and would help in anyway possible to free him again. And although Darang was sure Kanwarjeet wouldn’t have accepted his life debt, he had tried to save his brother Darang himself after all, he accepted Sarvansh’s allegiance and teamed up.
As the decades had passed, Darang and Sarvansh grew apart and almost against, but Darang was sure he would help him bring back Kanwarjeet. He was a man of his word. After all it was Sarvansh who had discovered a way to break the curse.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
The vampire hierarchy of South Asia was in shaking.
Initially the vampire trinity was the ruler of the entire vampire population throughout the world. But with the number of vampires growing rapidly in the previous millennia, it had been decided to assign continental based leadership directly under the trinity.
Ma Ashanti, one of the trinity and Sarvansh’s creator, had intended for him to become the South Asian ruler. However, he had refused. He did not want to be tied down because of his duties.
The next choice would have been Kanwarjeet, because of his age, knowledge and services to the trinity but since he was lost to the curse, Darang was chosen. Not many had supported Darang’s selection, but when Sarvansh backed him, it was final.
However over the years, Sarvansh had realized his folly.
Darang was a mean ruler. Being the South Asian Lord meant helping organise the vampire community and keeping their existence a secret. However, Darang had started believing he was the King.
Darang sat on his throne, disturbed.
His king-ship was going to be destroyed soon. With Kanwarjeet back in the picture, he was sure he would be made the Lord soon. No matter how much he loved his creator, his brother, it would hurt to lose his kingdom.
There was only one way he could still continue to be a Lord, and he would need both Kanwarjeet and Sarvansh’s support for that. They would all three become Lords. He smiled imagining the picture; the three of them, sitting at the apex of the Trinity, with him in the centre.]
But he had his task cut out, convincing Kanwarjeet won’t be easy. He had been loyal to the trinity for over a millennia. However he was sure that Sarvansh would follow Kanwarjeet. He just had to convince Kanwarjeet.
He had to bring back Kanwarjeet first.
Nobody knew of his plan, not even his deputy Bhairav, nor his favourite and probable successor Meera.
Oh Meera, he treated her as the daughter he could never have. He loved her. But he was aware of the threat she posed too. She was growing in strength and following everyday, soon she could command her very own army. She was loyal but for how long.


Chapter 4

It was the weekend.
The weekend they ALL dreaded but still longed for.
Sarvansh waited in his car, parked outside Lalima’s house. He had been on time today. His wait of so many years was finally going to be over. His thirst would end, soon, so soon. He shut his eyes to calm himself down.
He was sitting in some fields. He knew this place, but couldn’t really recall it. His gaze was searching for something, nay someone. He was in HIS fields, it was another flashback from his human life. He dreaded these. He did not like thinking about his past. These nightmare-ish flashbacks of his always left him weak and jumpy. He could see her walking towards him, her face covered with her stole as always. He did not remember her much, but he could never forget his feelings, his emotions for her.
She was right next to him now, looking down at him. He looked up to see her, to look into her sea deep eyes but could not, the sun was right behind her. He closed his eyes and tilted his face in her direction. Looking at his face made her happy, and he would do anything to please her. She reached out with her hand and touched his cheek with her fingers, caressing it. She felt so real, so close, so near….he tensed up.
Sarvansh opened his eyes with a start. Lalima was standing outside the car waiting for him to open up the door. He got out and helped her with her bag. He had asked her not to carry any luggage but she had insisted on carrying a few essentials. Women’s logic he smirked.
Finally they both got into the car.
“So what were you thinking ‘bout?” Lalima asked immediately.
“What? Now? Just normal stuff ‘bout life and all” Sarvansh answered back after a slight pause. He liked his ability to lie plainly, not many possessed this power.
“Ohh! Could you have answered it any more non-romantically sir?” Lalima said with a sigh.
How he wished he could tell her exactly what he was thinking, to show her the true extent of his feelings. But he could not, would not, atleast for a little more time.
He just looked at her and gave her one of his most impressive smiles. “I’d rather do stuff than talk ‘bout it” he shot back.
Lalima smiled back at him. She leaned towards him and bit his ear. “I hope so” she then whispered in his ear.
“okay, lets start now.” Sarvansh said with a smile and started the car. The engine roared to life and so did his hopes and desires. It had begun!
They had been driving for over 3 hours now, and Lalima felt tired. She did not like the fact that Sarvansh had hidden the destination form her, she did not like surprises. However, she did not want to spoil his mood and so just sat silently, kissing and touching him again and again.
Sarvansh was growing weary of all this now. He did not like being touched, and Lalima was testing him to the limit. He wanted to just rip out her heart and then tell her ‘how do you like that’, but refrained. A few more hours, he reminded himself.
He checked his rear view mirror. Meera was following him, he had expected that. But she was with another vampire, a relative new comer. Sarvansh tried to recall his name but couldn’t, he wasn’t good at remembering names and he knew it.
Lalima looked at Sarvansh’s quizzed face and wondered whether they were lost. They had taken the highway out of the city and onto a country road after that.
“Are you sure we’re on the right path?” Lalima finally asked him, covering it up with her best smile. She knew men were sensitive about being questioned.
“Just a little more further” Sarvansh replied back with a big smile, almost a laugh. He could sense the uneasiness in her now. Her smile wasn’t the normal now. Normally her lips extended a lot more when she smiles but this time it was only a little. She was coating her questions, that humoured him.
I know how big her smile is, that’s too much even for a vampire, he wondered to himself. Was he getting over attached, was he breaking the most obvious rule of engagement? The mere thought angered him, scared him. He sped up the car, the spot was only a few feet away. Few seconds more, hold up.
Lalima lowered car’s visor to adjust her hair a little. No matter how comfortable the car, she hated drives. The AC’s vent had been blowing directly on her left strand and now they were out of order, she grimaced.
She started hand combing, forcing the strand into its place behind her ear, fighting a losing battle. Her eyes drifted outside to the dense green cover outside. Sarvansh was lost somewhere deep in thought, smiling; probably thinking ‘normal guy stuff’ she groaned. Suddenly she saw something move behind the bushes, something big. There were many infact, moving alongside them, running with them. She looked a little back and there was a long file of black shadows moving in the bushes. Maybe it’s a building or something, am probably a little sleepy or something.
She smiled at her own foolishness, what could be running along side a car at such high speed. She looked at Sarvansh once more, he had just sped up; maybe they actually were near. She decided to ask again.
“Are we..”
BANG. THUD. Before she could finish something crashed into their car from the right side, swinging them into the air. They flipped sideways, flying….
Meera had been ordered by Darang to follow Sarvansh today, apparently he did not trust Sarvansh at all. She hadn’t tried to be discreet about it, there was no point in that. Sarvansh was over a millennia old, he couldn’t be fooled by her. She knew he had noticed her behind him, at his trail with Karzif.
Karzif had been silent the entire time. He did not like following Sarvansh but had to comply to his commander’s order. They had been going on for hours now, and although that is not a long time frame to a vampire, he felt agitated. Meera had changed, perhaps yielding to all the pressure that came with being the King’s favourite.
They both noticed when Sarvansh suddenly sped up. Maybe he finally recalled we have a deadline to keep, Meera said almost to herself.
They weren’t that far now, perhaps 40 km more Karzif estimated.
“I feel something” Karzif suddenly said.
Meera was already looking around, she had sensed it.
But before they could react, it hit them. Their car was hit from the left, which sent them flying through the air into the green cover on the opposite side. Out of the corner of her eyes Meera saw Sarvansh’s car suffering a similar fate.
This was no supposed to happen. If anything were to happen to that girl, the ritual couldn’t be completed. In that case Darang would skin them all alive. More than her death, she feared something even greater; she would never be the Queen!
As their car neared it’s landing, catapulting through the air, she saw what had hit them. Karzif already had his hand set on his seat belt, waiting for the landing, ready to get out and fight. She waited too, counting down the milliseconds.
It’s funny how time freezes itself in the most dire of situations. They almost hung there in the air, for what felt like an eternity, before finally their car landed, turtled upside down.
Meera and Karzif were out in a flash, both having kicked out their doors. Concussion and confusions were not symptoms a vampire had to go through. They stood there, in their combat stance, ready for a fight they never expected.
Karzif thought about the life he had had at the court, trying to remember something from his human life, something before he met this end now. They
could not win today, he was certain; not even Sarvansh could take on the force they were against….
He looked at Meera one last time before he charged forward, towards Sarvansh’s crashed car. She stood there like a statue, was she afraid or just stunned, he wondered for a second but quickly shifted his focus.
This was a fight worth dying for.
Lalima thanked the car for it’s side air bags and seat belt. She felt okay, did not seem like anything was broken; maybe because her side hadn’t taken the hit. She suddenly looked at Sarvansh expecting him bloodied and injured.
Sarvansh stayed in his place, supported by the seat belt. Of course he was all right. But this hadn’t gone as per his plan.
He turned towards Lalima “Are you all right?”
“I think so, atleast nothing’s broken I guess but what the hell happened?”
“Stay here” he almost barked out and punched his door with all his might. The poor already crumbled SUV’s door was no match for the angry vampire’s strength and broke off.
Sarvansh carefully unhooked his seat belt and climbed out. The rear door had taken the hit, and that was the only reason they- or atleast Lalima were alive.
But there were bigger things to worry ‘bout now.
Meera and Karzif were at his side the very next instant. They waited for Sarvansh to scan the area and lead them.
And then he finally saw what had hit him. Rather who had hit them.
They were surrounded by werewolves, eight as Sarvansh counted; perhaps more were hiding behind the bushes.
“New guy, get the girl out of the car safely” Sarvansh ordered Karzif.
Karzif although a little hurt at this addressing, turned towards the car immediately. They were standing on the right side of the side landed SUV. Lalima was stuck on the left side seat resting against the ground.
Karzif tried to formulate his path; if he went to the other side, he’d be away from both his compatriots and would also lose the shielding the car provided. But the girl was more important.
He flashed past the rear of the car towards the left side; he had the fast agility of a vampire. But the wolves weren’t sluggish either.
Before he could even get his grip on the car to turn it back to normality, two wolves jumped him.
Meera knew Karzif would be no match to werewolves, leave alone this entire pack. She jumped over the car to Karzif’s aid, Sarvansh can defend himself.
Sarvansh saw Meera gliding over the car to help Karzif, he din’t blame her. The new guy was sitting duck there.
There was no reason for this fight, this was not supposed to happen. He looked at all the wolves, eying all of them; staring them all down. He knew the wolves feared him, he was strong after all. He just had to somehow break the pack, find the weakest link.
The one to his right, the smallest one; Sarvansh had spotted his target.
He pushed his feet into the ground, coursing the sand underneath. He would have to jump high enough to escape the animal’s teeth land right behind him.
He moved his toe once to check his grip and readied himself.
On three then.
One, two…but a scream. It had come from the back, inside the car…..LALIMA!
He erased the wolves out of his focus and jumped backwards, to land right next to the windshield. Lalima had seen the wolves.
Karzif and Meera were struggling against the two wolves, they needed help.
“Close your eyes” Sarvansh shouted at Lalima.
Lalima had fear in her eyes, fear like she had never known. Wolves attacking her, this was beyond her.
In her panic she could not hear what Sarvansh was shouting, she did not care. She was going to die.
She shut her eyes tight to go back to her happy place, escape all this.
Sarvansh kicked in the windshield glass and cleared out all the fragmented glass. The seat belt was not stuck as he had hoped, and quickly he lifted out Lalima through the front of the car.
The wolves were just standing there, this did not make sense. Meera was busy fighting just two of the eight in the pack along with Karzif. Something wasn’t right here, she convinced herself and stopped fighting.
She stood there still all of a sudden. The wolf in front got confused, he could rip her heart out now very easily, break her neck, claw out her face; but he stopped as well.
“Karzif stop!” She shouted.
“What do you mean?” he was close to winning this contest, almost had the wolf’s neck in his grasp.
“I order you..STOP” Meera shouted again.
Karzif glanced at her for an instant. He trusted her, even with his life.
He threw the wolf a few feet away and stopped.
The wolf landed on his claws and jolted forward once again, but once he saw a still Karzif, he cooled off.
“Why are you here” Meera said out loud, turning towards the car to face the rest of the pack.
What she saw there almost shocked her to death. Sarvansh lay next to the car, in a heap; the rest of the wolves were gone and so was…..so was Lalima.
She turned to face the two wolves again and they were gone too. She could still sense them, running away; perhaps she could catch them too. But it would be of no use, they would tear her apart pretty easily if she went alone.
Karzif rushed to Sarvansh’s side. He had a deep scratch on his left side, perhaps a wolf had jumped him and clawed. He shook him up, and to his relief Sarvansh was alive.
Sarvansh lifted himself somehow, it had been a bad hit.
“Where’d she go?” Meera said with a tremble in her voice.
“I don’t know why but am pretty sure the wolves took her” Sarvansh responded in a calm voice. His wound was already healing up.
“They went that way” Karzif intervened pointing to their right, deep into the bushes and the reserve beyond. “Shouldn’t we follow?”
“Report back to base, let Darang decide” Sarvansh said in a low voice. He suddenly felt a little old, having to have given up.

Chapter 5
Meera did not care to stash away the crumbled cars. For all she cared, her career in the authority was over. Having lost the key to Darang’s deepest desire, she expected no mercy.
Sarvansh hadn’t said a word the entire way. He had just ordered one of his many human employees to deliver him a car to their location, and they were now continuing back to base in the new sedan.
Meera did not want this ride. She wanted to run, to scramble back to base and cool off all her frustration, her despair, her anger! Instead she was chauffeuring the wounded ‘unbeatable-as-they-called-him’ Vampire prince Sarvansh.
Sarvansh is one of the strongest Vampire’s in the world, how could he be defeated so easily, so quickly by a handful of werewolf. It should have been a contest, a true fight; not a one shot knockout. Something didn’t add up.
Karzif was annoyed. It did not make sense to him, why Sarvansh had let the wolves run away with the girl. They should have atleast followed them to keep a check on her location. He wanted to face Sarvansh and ask him this, but just couldn’t; perhaps it was the fear inside him, Sarvansh over a millennia older than him or maybe something else… could it be that Sarvansh, the vampire he respected the most, who he idolised was actually afraid of a handful wolves?
Sarvansh tried to focus on the path ahead. Lalima would still be unconscious, he was certain. A part of him hoped that she would die from the shock she had received; for if she did not worse things would happen…to her. Another part wanted her to suffer, to be clawed open by the wolves on their way and then left to rot somewhere unreachable. NO!
She had to reach her destination. Everything depended on it. His entire life!
The drive back to the base took them 20 minutes. No one had spoken a word the entire time.
The silence was now disturbing Meera.
As she brought the car to a stop outside their Fort, the vampire base of S. Asia, she turned towards Sarvansh and eyed him.
So many questions were boiling inside her. Why didn’t you fight them, why didn’t you follow them, why didn’t you fight with me, why don’t you love me….
She tried to reign in her emotions as they all got off the car; Zakib was at the door to receive them.
“Almost on time, you all” he said in a flat tone. Meera wondered what Darang saw in the guy. He wasn’t that strong, even though he was about a millennia old. He had no sense of administration and always struggled with the court work.
“You’re not surprised” Sarvansh blurted out.
“Darang Sir is busy with the procession, you all should wait here” he replied in his perennial flat tone.
Sarvansh took a step forward towards him, ready to rip his heart out; when all of a sudden the three were surrounded. The court’s force, a regiment of 20 of perhaps the best trained fighters in the entire continent, had enveloped them.
“I know you want to help, Sir appreciates that but it’s in the best interest of everyone that you wait, politely.” Zakib said, this time the tone wasn’t flat, it was a clear threat.
Sarvansh went back a step. He knew he was outnumbered.
“So Darang got the wolves to steal the girl from me, and got her here. Impressive! I never expected him to team up with the wolves again” Sarvansh read out loud his thoughts.
“You shouldn’t have been here, atleast not so soon. He expected you to run after the wolves.” Zakib added to his thoughts, exactly what Sarvansh wanted.
“You see Sarvansh” Zakib continued, “you cannot be trusted. You know it, we know it. The only reason you were involved till now was because you got involved with the girl. But now, with the end do near, your bond was…umm…lets say dispensab….AAAHHH.”
Sarvansh wasn’t interested in his jibber-jabber. He had already decided his moves. As Zakib stood there trying to impress the people present with their planning, Sarvansh bolted forward.
With his right hand’s index and middle finger he poked Zakib’s right eye, pushing it into his skull. With his other hand he reached for his heart….
But Zakib moved in the nick of time, and all Sarvansh got was a lot of his flesh.
Meera & Karzif stood stupefied as Sarvansh destroyed Zakib. Karzif then was the first to act.
The Court’s force was already moving in and he knew he was with Sarvansh. He threw himself to the two nearest to him. A fight worth dying for, a man worth dying for….
Meera stood still as the two people she cared for most in the world, fought the men she commanded till a few hours back. Would they still listen to me, she wondered. No one had dared attack her as of yet. “Stop, I command you!” she shouted out loud.

For an instant nothing happened, but then one, then another and within three seconds the force had stopped fighting.
Zakib who had crawled out of the circle and lay on the ground trying to fit back his eye, barked out: “she’s nothing now, I command you. Kill them or I’ll have Darang skin all of you.”
But before any of them could make another move, before Zakib could shout again, before Meera could try her luck again, Karzif could fight again, Sarvansh had disappeared.
They all knew where he had gone, he had darted with all his speed into the fort, to the ceremony.
“No! No! No!!!” Zakib could only shout in anger as he still manoeuvred his eye inside.
“Don’t wait here you fools, go inside stop him” he coughed out then.
Meera and Karzif followed the force, they were no longer at priority in the hit list.
The girl was there, with Darang; the ceremony was running successfully. Meera was elated! This wasn’t her end after all.
Darang stood there in the centre of the hall, a blade in hand, staring at the corpse, no she was alive, staring at the unconscious rag left of Lalima.
He looked over to Meera and the force as they stepped in. This only meant one thing: Sarvansh was here as well.
The head witch was busy chanting spells around the central pyre, preparing for the final sacrifice. Only a few minutes more, few more…
Darang couldn’t spot Sarvansh, he couldn’t even sense him. Maybe he wasn’t here after all?
The final spell had been cast. It was time!
Darang almost did not believe it. Sarvansh hadn’t showed up. Maybe he had given up, just maybe.
He moved forward to the girl’s body and picked her up by the throat. He could sense the blood flowing in her veins, the pure Rh blood of a virgin!
He dragged her to the pyre, her blood would yield to him his brother….after all these years!
Darang angled her neck towards the pyre and waited for the witches word for the right moment. With her blood spilled in the pyre, Kanwarjeet would arise..
Sarvansh watched from the corner, absorbing in everything. The ceremony was complete, almost complete. With her blood, the curse would break. But he had a different idea.
He bent his knees, stretched his toes, preparing for a jump, perhaps his last jump of this life, or maybe the first jump of the rest of his life.
He shot himself up with all his might. Darang was eying the witch waiting for her command to slay Lalima.
And then!
Sarvansh punched Darang right in the rear medulla, at the point just above the spinal cord. Darang who had half seen the flying Sarvansh, fell to his knees dropping Lalima onto the ground.
Sarvansh landed right beside the rag that was Lalima.
The blow was strong, but not strong enough to keep a two millennia old Vampire down for long. Sarvansh quickly picked up Lalima and ran back to the corner he had jumped from. He laid her down there, and turned back to face the wrath of Darang.
Darang gathered himself up after Sarvansh’s punch. For a second he forgot everything, but only for a second. As soon as he was able to get up back to his feet, he knew his purpose. Sarvansh had to die!
His first action however, was to check for the girl. She was not at the base of the pyre where he’d dropped her, he looked around and spotted her; lying unconscious in the corner. Sarvansh stood there next to her, acting as her protector, like a Dog marks his territory.
Enough horse play, it’s time to end it for once and all, Darang made up his mind. The moment was still there, if he could get the girl within the next three minutes, the sacrifice could be completed. He charged towards Sarvansh.
Sarvansh stood there to collide with the unstoppable Darang. He was a better fighter than Darang, he knew it. Most people over rated charging in a combat, it was a suicide move as per Sarvansh. When you charge, you open yourself entirely to your enemy; your direction, speed, intent, focus, they’re all disclosed. You’re so much lost in focussing on the target that you fail to see something very obvious. A foolish mistake, and a common one.
Darang took large leaps towards Sarvansh as he charged. He let his entire guard down and held Sarvansh at the centre of his attention. He lost all his surrounding to the dimmed senses.
And then they attacked him.


Chapter 6

The wolves jumped Darang from all sides. There were almost 10 of them, the entire contingent that he had sent to destroy Sarvansh.
For a moment Darang did not believe it, but when he saw their razor sharp teeth and claws penetrating his flesh, draining out his blood, there was little left to comprehend.
The 2000 year old vampire crumbled to a heap as the wolves drained him out. They had every part of his body under their teeth. Darang knew it was the end, he could feel it. He had lost almost all his blood, all his life, all his ambition.
Sarvansh walked towards the heap of Darang, smiling. Ten wolves feeding on a single vampire somewhat appalled him; but he wasn’t sure why.
“All right boys, leave something in him for me too” Sarvansh said with a big grin.
With the vampire king of S Asia almost drained out of life, the wolves released him. Ten wolves on vampire blood, the thought did worry Sarvansh for a moment, but he trusted them. He took another step forward.
The wolves with blood in their mouth, dripping down their side roared at him. Sarvansh stopped.
“Now let’s not forget the discussion we had…” Sarvansh stammered. He could not fight these wolves, he knew it.
The wolves took a step forward, menacingly towards him.
Sarvansh calculated his moves. He could not run away, there was so much at stake. He stood his ground.
Meera could not believe what was happening. In mere minutes the all mighty Darang had been reduced to a rag. She could not believe her eyes, but she knew it had happened.
The vampire force stood there, besides her, perhaps even greatly stunned.
Karzif watched it all with interest. He knew Sarvansh would pull something off, and he did not disappoint. However, the current situation seemed a little off.
The wolves, fed richly on Vampire blood were eying the deep flowing blood of Sarvansh now.
No matter his age, no vampire could match ten wolves enriched by vampire blood; Darang’s body lay testimony.
Karzif stopped thinking. He knew what had to be done.
Sarvansh knew the wolves would keep their word, he just needed to remind them.
As he started to decide his word play, Karzif stormed towards him and took his left side. Neither man said a word, but they knew they weren’t going to die alone now.
Meera was stunned. Karzif had just signed his death wish, a fight against wolves on vampire blood.
Besides her, the force stood almost like statues. With their king dead, their new commander Zakib perhaps having fled, they had no idea which side to take. This was her moment.
All he life she had waited for this, her entire existence depended on it. But now, she had to give it away, she had to tear down her only ambition to save the two men she cared for, two men she loved.
“Darang’s dead. All hail the new king Sarvansh!” She shouted out loud!
The 20 vampire force fighters, trained to be fighters and not thinkers stared at her blankly. Darang was dead, Zakib was not in sight and the wolves looked hungry. They could let this fight go on like this and run away, but that would violate their code. The higher authorities would hunt them down and end their existence in ways even vampires dared not dream. They had expected Darang to slay the wolves in one go, they had expected it to be fun and had stayed back. But their decision back fired and their king was dead. If they ran away now, they would be killed anyways for having lost their King. A new King however, would change the picture.
Without further delay, the vampire force moved towards Sarvansh and surrounded the wolves. They had chosen their new king.
The wolves now suddenly out-numbered and surrounded realised their folly. They stopped growling and took a step back.
The vampire force made way as the wolves kept stepping back, until they were away from the vampire group. They now stood silently in the dark, waiting.
Sarvansh looked over too Meera, she had just won him one of his most important battles ever.
Meera met his gaze, she could see something in them. A feeling deep down, something she did not expect. He had just defeated an opponent and had been crowned King, but Sarvansh was not happy. She couldn’t sum up what she had seen in his eyes, was it….pain?
Sarvansh turned around and eyed Lalima. She still lay there, unconscious, almost dead. He rushed to her and lifted her in his arms. She was retuning back to consciousness.
Sarvansh turned around to face the pyre now. He knew what he had to do.
He carried her to the spot, where minutes ago he had freed her from Darang’s clutches.
The force stood there stupefied, not daring to question their new king.
Karzif was confused, what was his new King trying to do now?
Lalima was almost back to her senses now. As she finally opened her eyes, she saw Sarvansh’s face staring back at her.
“Oh Sarvansh thank God you’re here. You have no idea what all has happened. I thought it was a nightmare, but it wasn’t…..” she started blurting out, crying.
“It’s all over now. No more sorrow, no more pain, no more nightmares” Sarvansh said almost in a whisper.
Lalima looked at him with questioning eyes. There was something different in him. She couldn’t spot it, but she knew he was different.
“What’s wrong? What is happening?” she asked him looking around.
Darang kept staring at her, and did not speak a word.
He then jerked off his chain, the pendant it supported had a stone, he cared for more than his life.
It was shaped like a prism with sharp edges and a fire colored core.
“You remember this, don’t you?” he asked her, with deep penetrating eyes.
“What is happening, no I do not. What’s wrong Sarvansh, let me go.” She screamed out.
Meera almost stepped forward, Sarvansh was upto something. But Karzif held her hand at the last moment. He did not look at her, did not say anything; but Meera knew he was right.
Sarvansh put the necklace around Meera’s neck, the pendant in the centre.
“You will remember soon my love. We will be together once more.” Sarvansh said in a hushed tone. His time had come.
He raised his right hand up in the air, above his head, as he held Meera by her neck with his left.
“You will be mine again” he chanted and brought down his right thumb directly at the pendent striking the prism top inside Lalima’s body, directly into her heart.
Blood gushed out of the dead girl’s body as Sarvansh held on his grip. He had waited for 1300 years, a few more moments won’t matter.
Meera almost shrieked out! Now she knew what was in Sarvansh’s eyes….it was hate!
Karzif could not believe what had happened. The girl for whom Sarvansh had fought vampires, wolves….he killed her himself. It did not make sense.
Sarvansh stood there left hand gripping Lalima’s dead body by the neck. It should have happened, did he make some mistake… he was getting restless now.
Suddenly the air around him started getting warmer, at first he did not notice it, but then it became apparent. In a flash Lalima’s body was on fire.
Sarvansh dropped her to the ground and stepped back; fire could harm a vampire. He felt his world crashing down, all this for no reason. This was not what he had expected.
Darang’s witch who had stood there by the pyre, all this time, witnessing the mayhem, now spoke.
“The spell of reincarnation” she said in a rhythmic tone “you have used. Bear the result you must now.”
Sarvansh paid no heed to her words. His attention had been grabbed by the fire.
It wasn’t a normal fire, it was not burning her up, did not eat her body…rather it changed it. It was transforming Lalima into…. into her.

Chapter 7

Sarvansh knew this was the moment. Finally he had her, brought her back from the bottom of death; just like she had done for him. It was time to payback….payback for everything.
He stared at the body as it transformed from one to another. Lalima had been erased, no longer recognisable. He could see her now….Lajwanti!
It was her. He remembered every pore on her face like it was yesterday. He had finally got her, the woman responsible for his existence, his only quest.
The body had changed completely. She was his Lajwanti now, but she wasn’t breathing.
His worries were not over. Was this a cruel joke on him, he had her physically after a millennia but not her soul?
Suddenly the body jerked, like inhaling a deep breath.
Meera and Karzif watched the entire episode unfold dumbfounded. There were no words to express what they had witnessed. They had seen some strange happenings but this one was nothing like them.
The power of love, Meera thought. Sarvansh had moved mountains to get back with his love, and he had won. She respected him a lot more now. A man so cold and hostile, for his love had been lost to him; she now felt she understood him better.
But this also meant she could never have him. In a few minutes, Meera had lost the opportunity to become the Queen, to fulfil her only ambition and now her only love….her Sarvansh.
Sarvansh stared the body with his heart in his mouth. It jerked again, this time a longer gasp.
He kneeled by her side, taking her in his arms.
She was his now, his to love, to keep, to….
Lajwanti opened her eyes, after a millennia of non-existence. Even the dim lit ceremony hall seemed too bright to her, pinching her pupil. She quickly closed them again.
Sarvansh covered her eyes with his hands, providing them shade. He could sense her confusion, her bewilderment at all this.
Under the shade of his palm now, she finally opened her eyes full now…and there he was.
The love of her life, her reason to live, to die….Sarvansh!
“You brought me back….you….Sarvansh” she coughed out.
“I had to, there is no life without....” Sarvansh replied back deeply.
“I thought you hated me, you would had forgotten me” she asked him, tears rolling down her cheeks now.
“I could never forget you, forget what you’d done; for me, to me…”
‘Forget’…the word brought back everything back to her; her last moments in her previous life, her death, what she had done. She recalled her end, in his arms.
“We’ll be together once again, am sure.” Lajwanti said staring straight into his eyes. She had seen something in them, a cloud she had seen only once before. A darkness even death couldn’t erase from her memory.
“I tried to forget, but I couldn’t” Sarvansh said turning away from her. He couldn’t let her see inside him; nor could he look at her any longer. Her face had brought back so much, memories, moments, feelings….
“This wouldn’t have been easy am sure, but you did. Your heart is strong my warrior.” Lajwanti said soothingly. She raised her hand and turned his face towards her. The Sarvansh she knew did not look away during a conversation. But he was different now, he seemed colder.
“It’s all because of you. You brought this upon me…upon them…upon yourself.” Sarvansh said chokingly trying to bat away tears.
A part of him wanted to forget everything, erase the slate clean and start afresh. But that part did not command him, it was just an unused section now; locked away for eternity.
“Do what you must.” Lajwanti said, tears almost blinding her now.
But before she shut away her eyes, for one last moment, she absorbed his image forever; His long locks, his high forehead, his deep soul piercing eyes, his cold expression less face.
“I tried to, but I never could forget it, forget anything. I just couldn’t forgive you” Sarvansh cried out. It had been too much to bear. A millennia of frustration, despair, hate, pain, regret breaking down his warrior shackles. Tears overtook his feelings now. He could forget everything and be with the woman he had cared for, liked, adored…..a woman he had loved…he still loved.
But if he did that he would betray his very existence, his soul, himself. He made up his mind.
Lajwanti lay there, motionless in his arms, tears covering her face. She had chosen this path herself, when 1300 years ago she had made the choice; the choice that was now going to end her life, her love, her only relation.
Sarvansh took out his dagger from his boot. It was the same dagger, only one of the few possessions that dated back to his human life; the same dagger he had taken out from Lajwanti’s dying corpse 1300 years ago.
“I never forgave you, I never will.” He whispered one final time into her ear, holding her close one last time, as he brought the dagger close to her heart.
“I will always love you.” Lajwanti said one final time, she knew it was over. She was paying for her choices, dying for her love; in the arms of the one she loved, there was a poetic happiness in it for her.
Sarvansh pierced her heart in a single instant, trying to end it quick. She died silently, as blood gushed out from her chest and drenched the floor of the pyre.
Sarvansh held her close, once again. 13oo years of existence and he had only held her twice, both times she died in his arms.
The witch smiled menacingly as the blood of the corpse dropped into the pyre. Her work was done!
She started chanting her ‘mantras’ again, and the pyre started burning.
Meera reached out and held Karzif’s hand. She had just witnessed love dying a painful death. They both stood there silently, not daring to speak to Sarvansh.
Sarvansh finally stood up, Lajwanti’s body still in his arms. The pyre had started to blaze, perhaps during all the fight; de did not bother.
He touched her face one last time, framing her image in his mind to last an eternity, and threw her body into the pyre.
The fire gives us life, and so it takes away.
He stood there, death still as he watched her body turn into ashes. He had achieved his first step towards redemption.
The witch was dancing around the pyre now, elated, almost hysterical.
Sarvansh tried to ignore her, but the loss of his love was already enough to bear. He stormed towards her, and grabbed her by the throat.
“Something funny.” he said threateningly, it was not a question.
The witch laughed, loud and high pitched. “You fool…the blood on the pyre…the ritual complete….he comes now…”
And then it hit Sarvansh.
Lajwanti or Lalima, they shared the same blood, the same purity….and he had added it to the pyre. The final ingredient of the ceremony, to bring him back…Kanwarjeet….Darang’s brother, father…his maker!
Sarvansh dropped the witch there, she held no importance now. Kanwar would never forgive him, Sarvansh was sure. He loved Darang more than anything, he had died for him.
He looked around, Meera and Karzif stood there, stunned, shocked. It did not take much IQ to decode what the witch had said. The court force were there too, and with Kanwar there, he knew where their loyalties would lie.
Kanwarjeet, perhaps 3000 years old now; one of the strongest Vampires ever; Sarvansh could not face him. But there was so much still left to be done, he had many scores to settle yet, Sarvansh knew.
“Live today, fight tomorrow.” He whispered, almost to himself and stormed off.
He had to run now, as fast as he could, as far away as he could. He had a head start, but it wouldn’t count for much.
Karzif saw as Sarvansh stormed off, there was perhaps fear in his idol’s eyes. He knew Sarvansh needed as much support as he could get; he wanted to go with him. But Meera still held his hand, she needed him too.
He could go with the man he respected the most, idolised, someone he wanted to learn from but also someone who did not care for him, someone who did not even know his name. On the other hand, there was Meera, who protected him, cared for him, and in this dark hour, had needed him.
He knew he was staying here with her.
Meera knew Sarvansh needed someone now, a friend, a lover perhaps. But it wasn’t going to be her. She had thrown herself for him enough already, had almost lost everything. But no, she was closer than ever. With Darang gone, she was Kanwarjeet’s only known progeny. Her maker, the new King of South Asia, Kanwarjeet was coming back! She smiled tightening her grip on Karzif’s hand.
Nobody cared for Sarvansh anymore, nobody chased after him. The force, all twenty of them, Meera, Karzif and the witch all stood there staring at the pyre’s fire; awaiting his Kanwarjeet’s return.
Kanwarjeet crawled out of the fire. He had no sense of what was happening, it had all been blank for so long…..trapped in a colour he could not see. He felt like being born, but having been alive all along.
He stared at the cemented floor his hands had been clawing. It was all coming back, the past, his past, his death…
He rose up to his over 6 foot stature, staring right into the small group of soldiers and a girl…he knew her….Meera!
“Where am I? What is happening? Where is DARANG?! “ he shouted out!
Sarvansh did not love her, she had seen that. Nothing could stop her from telling her creator everything now.
“Sarvansh..” One word she spoke. It was enough.