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Aryan & Sachika
Story idea by Rahul Vikram

G S Vasu

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Once upon a time, in a distant land there lived Aryan, who was nineteen years old. He was deeply in love with a village girl named Sachika, who was eighteen years old. One evening, they both reached the big banyan tree before the village lake. The lake was very beautiful with lotus flowers floating upon it. The cool evening breeze blowing, swaying the green grass and branches of trees…The nearby temple bell ringing, two beautiful white swans were swimming in that lake.

 “Do you remember our first meeting?” Sachika asked, sitting under the banyan tree.
“Sure…I was practicing archery near this lake and you were passing by with a pot of water..” Aryan replied, smiling at her, keeping down his bow and quiver of arrows down on the ground, and sitting beside her.
“Your arrow missed its aim and hit my pot of water breaking it to many pieces!” She said.
“You cried aloud and I rushed to the spot thinking that my arrow should have injured someone.” Aryan said
“I was so much annoyed that I demanded you to buy a new pot!” Sachika said
“Not just that…you also asked me to fetch water in it too.” Aryan said, looking at her.
“I still doubt you can aim and strike at something?” She teased him.

“Let me prove myself…pick your own target!” He said, getting up, fixing an arrow to his bow.
“How about that apple?” She said, pointing her finger towards a shining apple in the branch of a tree at some distance.
“Alright!” He said, taking his aim and shooting his arrow. The next moment the arrow cut the apple off the branch.
She ran towards the tree and picked the apple, wiping it with her skirt.
“Now, keep it on the palm of your hand and lift it up!” He cried.
She did as she was told and he took aim. She closed her eyes somewhat scared. He shot another arrow. It ripped the apple into two equal parts.
“Now, what do you say, my dear?” He asked, coming towards her, picking one of the pieces and having a bite.
“Well, I’m impressed!” She said, “I hereby appoint you as my personal body guard.”
“Thank you, your highness!” He said, “What about my salary?”
“Ten kisses!” She replied, smiling at him “Isn’t that enough?” She asked playfully.
“I will try to manage with it.” He said, keeping his bow and quiver of arrows down, and sitting down on the grass. She lay down on the grass, resting her head on his lap.

“Princess, I have written a poem for you..” Aryan said.
“Really?” She asked, lifting her face up, while resting her head on his lap, and looking into his eyes. “Read it!” She said, with a smile on her face, playing with a blade of grass in her hand.

“Night and day, you light my life with a thousand dreams, If only I had the time, then I would dedicate my entire life to you.” He said, holding a piece of paper in his hand.

“Hmm….interesting,” She said, tickling him with the grass blade.
“Hey! Stop doing that…would you like me to continue?” He asked, pulling away the grass blade from her fingers.
“Sure….go on,” She said.
“Without you in my life, I would have everything, but still miss something…those wonderful moments we’d spent together.” Aryan continued.
“Your wonderful smile always lingers in my mind, and your breath that had almost become mine.”

“Without you in my life, I would still have heartbeat, but my every heart beat would say I miss you.” He concluded, bending down and kissing on her forehead.
 “Did you like it?” Aryan asked, looking into her mesmerizing eyes.




“Yes, the nightingale on that branch liked your poem.” She said.
“W-what? Forget that nightingale…did you like it?” He asked, slightly annoyed, tickling her with the grass blade.
“He he he…stop it! Yeah, I liked it!” She said, smiling and putting her fingers around his neck, pulling his head down, and kissing him.
“Shall we go boating?” She asked her.
“Alright.” He said, standing up, giving her his hand, and pulling her up on her feet.
They both sat in a boat and he started rowing with the oars.  The sun started setting in the distant horizon. The moon, along with the millions of the stars got ready to light up the evening sky.
She rested her back on him and he stopped rowing as they reached the middle of the lake. They looked up and gazed at the shinning moon and stars.
“Know what?” She said
“Yes?” He asked                                                                               
“I wish we could always be like this together.” She said, pulling his hands around her.
Sachika was the niece of a farmer. She helped her uncle in the farm and aunt in her household work too.
“Dear, we need not worry about Sachika …She will be fine with Aryan after we are gone!” Her uncle told his wife.

Aryan was in the king's army, and they met almost every day:-
“I have written one more poem for you..” Aryan said, hugging her
“Read it to me!” She said, looking at him.
They both sat down near the bank of the lake…with their feet immersed in the cold water.
“The more I see you, the better it makes me feel. You are like a fantasy, in this world so real. Your smile makes me forget, all my sorrows and pain.” He read.
“Really?” She said, giggling and sprinkling some water from the lake on his face.
He sprinkled some water on her face too.
“I wish this your smile on your face would forever remain. You are like the glow of the candle in the darkness.”
”O, wind, please don't blow off the glow till the end. The more I see you, the better it makes me feel. You are like a dream, in this world so real. Please don't wake me up, as I don't want this dream to end.”
“Very nice!” She said, smiling. “Know what? I think you are better off as a poet than a soldier.”
“Really?” He asked
“Yes!” She said, hugging him, kicking the water with her feet.
“Thank you.” He said.
“I wish I could have one of those lotus flowers!” She said, pointing her finger towards the lake.
The next thing she heard was a splash in the water and he was back with a lotus flower in his hand. He was completely drenched in water. He even had a frog sitting upon his head.
“He he he…look at you! Are you a frog prince?” She teased him, taking the beautiful lotus flower from his hand. The frog leaped away.
“I can be anything for you!” He said, sitting beside her on the grass. And they watched the sun setting into the lake.
One day, the enemy attacked the kingdom, and Aryan had to join the King’s army to face the enemy in the war :-
 “Princess, I need to go for war...” Aryan said.
“I’m so worried…please don’t go!” Sachika pleaded.
“Don’t worry, my dear. I promise you that I will be back soon.” Aryan replied, hugging her and caressing on her forehead, “Then we will live happily together forever.”
“Keep this, my dear. It is my collection of poems I had written so far. It would remind you of me till I return back to you…” He said, giving her a journal.
“I want you back safe.” She said, kissing upon his cheek.

“Don’t you worry, I’ll be back soon!” He said, parting from her and walking away.
“I love you!” He said, turning back, and waving his hand to her.
“I love you too!” She cried, waving her hand.
The enemy’s army was waiting some distance away from the fort. The doors of the fort were flung open. The army marched out of the fort and assembled before the fort and waited for the further orders from their chief. The archers took their positions on the top of the fort aiming at the enemy. The cannonball guns too were aimed at the enemy.
The first rung of both the armies consisted of armed men with swords, shields and spears, behind them were men with swords on horses, with bow and arrow on elephants. The chief held the flag of his kingdom in one hand and sword in the other hand.
 The enemy chief ordered his army to strike. The enemy army charged towards them from a distance.
Aryan held his sword in one hand and shield in the other, sitting on his horse, waiting with others for the order from the chief of his army to attack.
“Shoot at them!” The chief cried on the top of his voice. The archers took aim and shoot the arrows at the enemies. The arrows hit the enemies like the rain from the sky.
Also cannonballs were fired at the enemy from the top of the fort.
Many of the enemy soldiers fell down dead before they could reach near to the fort.
“Attack them!” He cried again.
The army of armed men on the horses rushed towards the enemy and attached them. Aryan too rushed forward. He started striking his enemies on the way. They fell like the paddy crops during the harvest season.
Someone hit on the legs of his horse and he fell down along with him. Aryan stood up with his sword in one hand and shield in the other, and advanced towards his enemy.
They both fought bravely, but Aryan pierced his sword into his tummy.
“Look out!” Someone cried, suddenly, he turned back. An enemy soldier was about to strike him with his sword from behind. Aryan brought his shield in between in the nick of the time. The sword landed hard on his shield…pushing him back a few steps.
He removed his shield and brought his sword forward and hit the enemy sword with all his force. His sword fell down and Aryan drew his sword into his chest. By the time, he pulled his sword out, he saw many enemy soldiers charging towards him with sword raised up.
He rushed forward striking them with his sword and defending with his shield, which received many blows on the way forward.
He knocked an enemy on a horse and climbed the horse and rushed forward. He took his bow and arrow and started to strike the enemy with his arrows.

He took aim and shoot at the enemy’s elephant that was charging forward at them. The injured elephant turned back and started trampling his own men under its feet.
Aryan started shooting as many arrows he could while rushing into the heart of the enemy’s army. His men followed him bravely attacking the enemy on the way. They fought so bravely and strongly that though the enemy was larger in number compared to them. Soon they were reduced less than their side.
The victory was almost certain for Aryan’s army now. Aryan still kept fighting with all his might. Suddenly, one of the enemy’s poisoned arrows flew towards him and pierced deep into this his chest. The second arrow and the third followed in quick succession and pierced him.
The next moment, he fell down to the ground. A drop of tear came down his eye as he remembered his promise to his love…closed his eyes for one last time.
It was evening, Sachika sat near the bank of the lake, with her feet in the water. Everything was the same, except that she missed him a lot this evening. She was lost in her own thoughts, when a soldier arrived looking for her.
“Excuse me!” He said, standing behind her.
“Yes?” She asked, turning and looking up at him, “Is he so busy celebrating the victory that he couldn’t come, but sent you over here?”
“No..,” He said, “I’m really sorry to bring you this sad and heart-breaking news that he is no more! He fought like a hero in the battle field.” He concluded.
“What? Tell me this isn’t true!” She cried, standing up on her feet, looking at him shell shocked.
“I wish it wasn’t, but sadly it is the truth!” He said, “Here is the piece of paper which we found in his pocket! I think he has written something for you.” He concluded, giving it to her and walking away from that place.
She unfolded the blood stained paper, with tears in her eyes and started reading the last poem he had written for her.
“Though I have so many things to do
And so many things to say
But my heart beats
And every beat says
I love u…

I don’t know how
Long this life would last
How far or how near
The death is…
But every breath I take
Says I love u…”
She wiped her tears, started running towards the graveyard, where his funeral was about to take place :-

“No! Please don’t burry him!” She cried, pushing forward through the crowd.

“Why shouldn’t we?” The village priest asked surprised and shocked.



“Because, I’m going to get his soul back!” She cried.
“What? Are you out of your mind, my child?” The priest asked.
“No, I’m not!” She cried back.
“Please let her have the body!” Her uncle requested the villagers, and they agreed.
“As you wish!” The priest said.
They kept his body in the glass case in their house:-
“We will look after his body till you return back with his soul. I have always believed that you can achieve things, my dear. I wish you all the best!” Her uncle said.
“Thank you, uncle.” She said.
Sachika asked people where people go after they die:-
“Do you know where do people go after they die?” Sachika asked.
“It could be heaven,” A lady replied
“..or it could be hell,” Other lady replied
“And that depends upon ones deeds!” Another lady said.
“Where could I get more information?” She asked them.
“You could visit the old lady who stays near the temple. She had a close call with death long time back. Perhaps, she would be able to help you.” The second lady replied.
Sachika went and asked an old lady, whom many thought was dead for few minutes while she was twelve years of age. Then:-
“Grandma, they say that you had been to the death’s place when you were young? Can you tell me, where is his place and how could I reach there?”
“It’s true, my child. It had happened to me when I was twelve years old.”
“I had a sharp pain in my heart and I felt I couldn’t breathe any more. I found myself out of my body, and besides me stood the fearsome death himself.”
“He made a sign to follow him. The next thing I remember was that I travelled with him through some green hood forest, river, desert and mountains and finally, reached his place.”
“Then he released his mistake that he had picked the wrong soul, which was me. He was supposed to take our neighbour, who too had my name, but she was eighty years old..”
“The next thing I remember was opening my eyes and looking at the astonished familiar faces of my family, relatives and friends. Then I came to know that he had taken my neighbour at last.”

“Why do want to go there, my child? I see that you are too young and pretty, and it’s not the right time to pay visit to the death. He comes for you when your time is up, and you don’t go searching for him.” She said.
“I know, but I need to get back the soul of my love from him.” Sachika replied.
“Get back the soul? Are you out of your mind, my dear?” The old lady cried.
“Everything in this materialistic world or the universe happens for a purpose…no one can go against the law of the nature, my dear.”
“We can’t change the things that are destined to happen or that has already happened in the past.”
“His time was up, so he had to go the death’s place. That is the way it was meant to be. The purpose for which he was created was accomplished.”
“Take this as my sincere advice…let the past be where it should be….think of the present and lead your life and you will be happy.”
“So you won’t help me, is it?” She asked
“I wish I could help you in some way, my dear. But it was long ego that I had been to his place, and I am too old now to remember it.” She concluded.
Later, Sachika found an old man struggling to pull a cartload in a lonely path. She helped him by pulling his cart. Then :-
“My dear child, what can I give you for your help? I have nothing with me to offer you other than this apple, which I kept for my lunch.” The old man said, taking out the apple in his hand.
“It’s alright, grandpa,” She said, refusing it. “I’m not feeling hungry. I want one help from you.”
“Tell me, my child.” He said, “I will surely help you if I can.”
“Grandpa, do you know where do people go after they die?” Sachika asked an old man.
“I don’t know, my dear. I am yet to die myself to unravel the mystery.” An old man replied, “However, I think the old albatross, who stays in the house on the top of that hill would be able to help you find your answer.”
“I went to her long ego when my son was lost, and she told me where exactly I could find him. I found him in the same place.” He concluded.
“Thank you, grandpa’” She said, pleased.
Finally, she visited an old albatross, who stayed in a house on the top of a hill. Then:-
“I would like to know where does one’s soul go after death?” Sachika asked her.
“Why do you like to know? How does it matter to you?” The old albatross asked her.
“My love had met with untimely death...I would like to know where his soul has gone?” Sachika said.

“Well, one’s soul goes to the death’s place after a person dies.” The old albatross said, waving her fingers around a big white crystal ball which was held to a stand. The crystal ball started providing the images of what she wanted to show her.
“You can see that the death’s place is very far away from where we are right now.”
“It is  in the far west, after going through the deepest green wood forest, one has to cross this deadliest river which has crocodiles, then pass through this desert and the climb these mountains.”
“And the death’s place is on these rocky mountains.” She said.
“Then I will go to the death’s place and get back his soul!” Sachika said.
“Let me warn you not to do it! Many had tried and met their end. They never turned back and no one knows what really happened to them?” She said.
“But I need to take this risk for my love. What reason do I have in this life to live for, if not for sake of my love?” Sachika reasoned.
“I can’t stop you as you’ve made up your mind to, but let me give this wrist band and pray that it brings good luck to you, my child!” The old lady said, handing her a band of fortune.
“Thank you..” Sachika said
She prepared a journey towards death's place, all her friends tried to persuade her not to go:-
“Sachika, please don’t leave us and go…please!” pleaded her friends.
“I need to go! Please don’t worry about me…I’ll be fine.” Sachika assured her friends.
“Please take care…bye..” They waved farewell to her.
Sachika started her journey towards the green hood forest. Soon, she reached the green hood forest, and walked in the lonely path of enchanting beauty of nature.
“I’m hungry! Do you have something to eat?” Asked someone from behind.
“Who is that?” She asked, turning and looking behind her.
“It’s me, the bear! I have been starving from the last couple of days.” The bear replied, He was well built and tall.
“Sure...please sit down and let’s share what I have with me.” Sachika replied.
They both sat down on the grass and started having the food.
“It is delicious!” The bear said, licking his fingers. “Did you prepare it?”
“Yes, I’m glad that you liked it!” She replied, smiling at him.
“What brings you here?” The bear asked her.
“I’m going to the death’s place to get back the soul of my love, who was killed in the battlefield a few days back.” She replied.

“Death’s place? It is in the far west, after going through this deepest green wood forest, you have to cross the river, and then pass through the desert and the climb the mountains.” The bear said.
“Have you been there?” She asked.
“No, I heard about it from others.” The bear replied.
“Will you help me to cross this forest?” She asked.
“Hmm….Alright. Let’s start moving now.” The bear said standing up on his feet. “Follow me!”
“Thank you.” She said
“The pleasure is mine!” The bear replied.
They walked together chatting with each other. Suddenly, they found a ferocious tiger in front of them. Sachika hid behind the bear scared:-
“Get out of the way!” The bear cried, looking at the tiger.
“Give me that girl and go away! I won’t bother you.” The tiger said, “I had been starving for days.”
“Don’t even think about it!” The bear cried.
“Then you have decided to fight me, I suppose!” The tiger said.
“If I’m left with no other option,” The bear cried.
They both rushed towards each other and attacked one another. The bear gave a big punch on the tiger’s face and the tiger scratched his left hand with his claws. The bear started bleeding, but that did not stop him from putting up a brave fight. He pushed the tiger back with all his might. The tiger slipped and fell into a deep ditch behind.
“Thank you for saving my life.” Sachika said, tearing a piece of her cloth and tying it against the wound of the bear.
“Hi! Sid.” The bear said, looking at the chimpanzee.
“I was looking for you since morning. Where had you been? And who is this girl?” The Chimpanzee asked.
“Well, her name is Sachika, and she is off to the death’s place.” The bear said.
“…to get back the soul of my love!” Sachika said
“Death’s place in the far west,” The Chimpanzee said.
“Yes.” Sachika said
“I’m helping her to cross this forest.” The bear said.
“Then I will come along with you two,” The Chimpanzee said.
They started walking in that path. Suddenly, a poisonous green snake was about to strike her from one of the branches of a tree on the side of the path.

“Look out!” The chimpanzee cried, held by the snake’s tail and pulled him away in the nick of the time.
He tossed the snake away into the air.
“Thank you, Sid.” Sachika said, smiling at him, and offering him an apple.
“It’s delicious!” The Chimpanzee said, taking a bite.
They reached the river that was flowing swiftly below the two big rocks. The bridge connecting to the other side was broken.
“Now, what?” Chimpanzee asked.
“Come with me!” The bear said, going towards the huge tree. He started uprooting the tree with all his might, but the tree was much stronger than he had thought.
The chimpanzee whistled as loud as he could. Soon an army of animals came towards them.
“He is trying to make a bridge out of this tree, as the bridge is broken. We need your help.” The Chimpanzee said.
 “Sure” The elephant said, “come on guys, let’s do it!”
The elephant started pushing against the tree, and rhino and others joined him. Soon the tree got uprooted and fell down, bridging the gap between the river and the rocks.
“Thank you all for the help.” Sachika said, looking at the animals in gratitude.
“Follow me!” The bear said, walking on the fallen tree along with Sid, the Chimpanzee.
“Bye!” She said, following the bear and the chimpanzee.
Her left anklet got stuck to a small branch and came off her feet, which she didn’t notice. It got stuck in that branch.
They reached the end of the forest. Then:-
“This is where our journey comes to an end,” The bear said, sadly. “We wish that you should achieve what you set out to.”
“I too wish you the same.” The Chimpanzee said.
“Thank you…..I will always remember your help.” She said, waving bye to them.
She started walking for some time, and then reached the desert. She found a camel resting in the moon light.
“Can I sleep with you?” She asked the camel.
“Sure, you can” The camel said, “What brings you here to this desert?” The camel asked.
“I’m on the way to the death’s place.” She said, lying beside the camel.
“Why to the deaths place? You are so young…” The camel asked, surprised.

“I am going to get back the soul of my love, Aryan.” She replied.
“To get back the soul back…?” The camel asked, “Do you think it is possible?”
“I’m not sure…but I need to try it!” She said, smiling at the camel.
“Can you help me to cross this desert?” She asked.
“Let me think about it.” The camel said.
“Alright, let me know in the morning when I wake up.” She said, “Good night!”
“Good night!” The camel said.
The moon was shining with millions of stars in the blue sky. The gentle breeze was blowing. She closed her eyes and soon went to sleep. When she woke up the sun was high up in the sky and it was the hottest day.
“So what have you decided?” She asked the camel.
“Alright, I will help you to cross this desert.” The camel replied.
“Thank you.” She said, climbing upon he camel and he stood up, and started walking.
“How much time would it take to cross this desert?” She asked.
“Well, it would take around three days and two nights.” The camel replied.
The camel walked through the desert and they came across an oasis. Then :-
“Oh, wow…wow…It’s so nice!” she cried, climbing down the camel and rushing towards that place.
There was a small pound of fresh water. She drank water as much as she could, as she was feeling very thirsty. She found some watermelon plants too. She broke open a big watermelon with a piece of sharp rock and started eating it.
The camel too drank water and ate the melon too.
“It’s so tasty! I’m glad that we found this place!” She said.
“We can rest this night in this place and continue our journey tomorrow morning.” The camel said.
“Yeah, that would be better.” She replied.
They rested on the grass in that oasis and slept peacefully. They started the journey in the dawn. They continued like this for three days and two nights, and finally they were able to cross the desert. Then:-
“Thank you, my friend,” Sachika said.
“Bye…take care.” The camel replied.
Sachika started walking for some time and she reached the banks of a river, and the other side she found the snow covered mountains. She was wondering, how she could cross the river.
“Well, do you want to cross this river?” asked a voice.

“Yes..” She said, turning and found a big White Mountain goat.
“Then climb on my back!” The goat said.
“Alright, thank you.” She said, climbing upon the goat.
“Hold on to me tight!” The goat said.
He started walking upon the rocks of that river and reached the other side safely.
“So where are you heading to?” He asked.
“I am going to the death’s place to get back the soul of my love.” She said.
“Then I can take you near to that place.” The goat said.
“I would be grateful to you, if you could take me there.” She said, pleased.
“But the journey is long…we have to climb many snow covered mountains to reach the death’s place.” The goat said.
“Let’s go!” She said.
They travelled together on the snow covered mountains. At one place, there was a deep gorge. Then:-
“I have crossed this one many a times alone. I’m going to leap, so hold on to me.” The goat said.
“Alright!” She said, holding on to the goat tightly. While the goat leaped and reached the other end.
They continued their journey to the death’s place.
Finally, they reached the death's castle on the top of steep and rocky mountains.
“So that is the place.” The goat replied.
“Thank you very much!” Sachika said, smiling at the goat.
“Take care…bye…” The goat said, going away.
Sachika knocked on the door.
“O death, please open the door...I need to talk to you..”
She didn’t get any reply. She kept knocking on the door.
“Who is it? What do you want?” Chronicles, the sidekick of the death asked, peeping through the see through door box, which had a small door.
“I’m Sachika, and I have come to take the soul of my love, Aryan. He was killed in the battlefield.” She replied.
 He closed the small door and went inside the castle.
“Who is it, Chronicles?” The death asked, seated on his throne.

“My lord, there is a young girl outside. She says that she has come to take the soul of her lover, who was killed in the battlefield.” He replied, giving the message.
“What nonsense! Just tell her to go away!” The death cried, annoyed hearing this.
“Yes, my lord!” He said, going back again to her. “Young lady, go away from here at once! I warn you not to enrage the lord of death!”

“I won’t go away until I get what I came here for!” She said, sternly. “Go and inform your lord of death that I want to speak to him!”
“My lord, she is refusing to go away until you give back his soul!” He said, going back to him.
“How dare she refuse to go away? Chronicles, I order you bring in hailstorm and thunder to scare this stupid girl away from here!” The death cried, enraged.
“As you say, my lord,” The Chronicles said, going back to her. “Girl, go away! If not, you will pay heavily for your stupidity! You have enraged the Lord!”
“No, I won’t!” She cried, “Let him do what he wants to!”
Suddenly, there was change in the weather and there was thunder tearing across the sky and striking the ground near her. It didn’t scare her a bit. Then there was a big hailstorm, but she held to the strong rock near.
“My lord, I brought the thunder and the hailstorm, but she hasn’t left the place!” The chronicles told him.
“Then bring the snowstorm and the floods!” He ordered.
There was a terrible snowstorm for days and it became freezing cold. She started shivering…but didn’t move from the place a bit. Then there were floods that washed away many things on the way, but she held on to the rock.
“My lord, I have tried everything to scare her away, but she is still there outside!” He informed him.
 “Why doesn’t she give up and go away?” The death said, looking at her from the window. The same time she lifted her face and looked up at the window.
They both saw each other for the first time.
“She has such a beautiful face!” The death remarked.
“And so much love in her.” Chronicles said, “Should I let her in, my lord?” He asked.
“Alright…let her in!” The death said, finally.
Eventually, death too fell in affection with the girl and opened the doors of his castle for her to enter.
“What brings you so far? What surprises me is that no living soul so far has come this far to see me?” Death questioned her.
“O, death..I have come here to beg for the soul of my love!” Sachika cried

“I can’t return back anyone’s soul, young lady.” The death replied her.
“Listen, I’m not going to go back until you return back his soul!” Sachika said
“Are you threatening me?” Death cried and his voice echoed.
“No, I’m just telling you that I won’t go back until I get what I came so far for.” She replied.
“Then you would be wasting your precious time.” Death said.
“I have nothing better to do than wait.” Sachika said.
Sachika decides to sit and wait till death agrees. Time passes with the girl, sitting, waiting for death's affirmation, the girl doesn't even speak a word, eats nothing, drinks nothing, just keeps waiting.
On the other side, death's affection of this girl grows, and he feels himself guilty for this.
“My lord, please have pity upon her!” Chronicles pleaded.
“Alright, young lady…you win. You have moved me…something I never thought a human can do to me...I may return back his soul, but I have a problem with that.” Death said.
“What is it?” She asked.
“Follow me!” The death took her to a very big chamber where there were many small tubes which were kept in various positions. Each tube was held to a holding devise and there were so many tubes. There was a big screen with some keys below.
“You can see these millions and millions of tubes over there. Well, every tube contains one individual’s soul. These tubes containing souls are kept in the various positions which represent the mechanism of how things work in this world. Just like the planetary positions or stars for that example, when a star falls from its position a new star is replaced in its place.”
“Like ways, here to, each tube should contain a soul or its equivalent, as the worldly time is connected to this dead souls in this chamber. The dead souls, positioned as their due positions, run the clock which runs the time throughout the world.”
“If I remove a soul and don’t replace it then it will invariably upsets things.. like the world comes to a standstill and it will affect the cosmic time and the consequences will be just unthinkable. I hope you understood.” The death explained her.
“I will give you all my golden ornaments.” She said, removing them.
“It has no worth in this world. I need something else other than that.” Death said, looking at her.
“I have nothing else valuable to offer you than this?” She asked, rather confused.
“You have one thing with you which is valuable…but it hurts me in my heart to even ask for it.”
“What is it that I have so valuable with me?”
“Your youth and enchanting beauty”

“You can take it!” She replied, without even thinking for a single moment.
“One more thing, in case he either dies or comes to my place then I can never return his soul again.” The death said.
“I am sending you back with my power. You will find him alive when you see him this time.” The death said.
Slowly, she grew old and ugly. Death then sent her back to her village by magical powers.
She found herself in her house. Meantime, he opened his eyes and started slowly knocking on the glass case. She opened the glass top of the case.
“I’m so glad that you are back!” She said, bending down and kissing on his check.
“Who are you? Where is my Sachika?” He asked, pushing away from her.
“I’m her!” She replied.
“No, you can’t be her!” He said, getting out of it.
“Yes, I’m her…I can prove it to you.” She said, taking out the last poem he had written for her and giving it to him.
 “How did you get this one?” He asked her, surprised.
“One of the soldiers came and gave it to me when you were killed in the battlefield.” She said, “Do you remember this? You gave this book of poems which you had written that evening when we had met for the last time!” She said, giving him that book.
 “I remember giving it to her that evening,” He said, scratching his hair, confused, “but how did you get all these things? What did you do to her? Where is she?” He asked.
“I am telling you the truth that I’m her! What else can I do to prove it to you?” She asked, sadly.
“I have also written a poem on you, in your absence.” She said
“Let me hold your hand; my love,
Lead me in life till the end.
You encouraged me to give
another fight and renewed
my hopes;
You're a gem of a person
of whom I can surely boast.”
“Into my darkest hour your
Illuminating brightness
Your very presence lifted
me from my solitude;”
”Your love for me stands tall
with its roots spread deep.
I wish I could take all your
sorrow and pain,
You're like an oasis amidst
hot scotching desert sand.
I swear that I'll be honest
to you until I remain.”
“Night and day, you light my life with a thousand dreams, If only I had the time, then I would dedicate my entire life to you.” She said, remembering the lines from one of his other poems.
“How could I remember these lines you had told me that evening near that lake, our usual meeting place. “I’m her…please believe me…please!” She said, with tears over flowing from her eyes.
”Could she be her? Could she be? Something is telling me that she could be her…” He thought and was dumbstruck for a while.
“No, It can’t be true! My love should be waiting for me somewhere…maybe she needs my help now. I will go and find her somehow..” He said, forcing his mind to think otherwise , and going away.
“Please come back to me! Please don’t go!” She cried, with a choked voice.
But he didn’t listen to her. He went and mounted the horse and went away from that place.
He went out looking for her:-
“Have you seen Sachika?” He asked her friends.
“Aryan, we are so glad to see you back. The last time we saw her was before she left to the death’s place to get your soul back!” One of her friends said.
Finally, she visited the old albatross. Then:-
“I believe you had guided her to the death’s place” He said
“Yes, it’s a miracle that she got back your soul from death! I fear maybe death has held her as a captive as she has not returned back!”
“Then I will go to the death’s place and get her back!” He said, “Please tell me how can I reach the death’s place?” He requested her.
“I had warned her not to do it! Many had tried and met their end. I am warning you too!” She said.
“But I need to get her back!” He said, “My life would be meaningless without her!”
“Alright!”  The old albatross said, waving her fingers around a big white crystal ball which was held to a stand.
The crystal ball started providing the images of what she wanted to show her.
“The  death’s place is in the far west, You need to go through this deepest green wood forest, and then cross this deadliest river which has crocodiles, then pass through this desert and the climb these mountains,”
“And the death’s place is on these rocky mountains.” She said.
“Thank you for the information.” He said, leaving the place.
 “Good luck!” She said.

On his horse, he rode to the green hood forest and there he came face to face with the tiger. The horse refused to go forward, as he was scared. He got down from the horse and stood before the horse.
“I give you the option to leave the horse to me and go, “The tiger roared, licking his mouth with his tongue, “Or else I will kill you and then your horse!”
“You need to fight me to kill me to get to my horse.” He said.
“Then here I come!” The tiger said, running towards him and leaped into the air, towards him.
Aryan took out his knife and threw it at the tiger. The knife pierced into his stomach and he fell down dead.
He pulled out his knife and wiped it clean with a cloth.
“Who are you?” The bear asked coming along with the chimpanzee.
“I’m Aryan and I am going to the death’s place to get back my love!” He replied.
“So you should be looking for her?” The chimpanzee said.
“Oh, my god, you have come back from the death’s place....then why do want to go back?” The bear asked him.
 “She hasn’t come back!” He said.
“I fear that the death should have held her as a captive!” The chimpanzee said.
“That is why I am going to get her back!” He replied.
“Then we will help you to cross this jungle.” The bear said.
They started traveling through the jungle. The snake was about to strike him, he held it by it’s nice and squeezed hard and ripped the snake into two and threw it away.
“You can defend yourself well!” The bear said.
“I was in the king’s army.” He replied, smiling at the bear.
Finally, they reached the river that was flowing swiftly below the two big rocks. They started crossing it by walking on that big tree. He found her anklet on that small branch.
He took it looked at it.
 “It is hers!” He said, kissing it and keeping it in his pocket.
They reached the end of the forest. Then :-
“We wish that you should find her and live happily ever after.”  The bear said.
“Thank you.” He said, waving bye to them.
He started riding on his horse for some time, and then reached the desert. He found that camel walking at some distance.

“Can you help me to cross this desert?” He asked the camel.
“Where are you going to?” The camel asked.
“I’m on the way to the death’s place.” He said.
“You should be Aryan, if I’m right?” The camel asked, surprised.



“Yes.” He replied.
“What happen to her?” The camel asked.
“I don’t know? She should be still in the death’s place.” He said
They walked through the desert and they came across an oasis. Then :-
 “We had rested here when she had come” The camel said.
“We too can rest here tonight and start our journey again in the morning.” He said.
He drank the water from the pond, along with the camel. They ate the watermelon. They rested on the grass in that oasis. He took out the anklet from his pocket.
“Where are you? I hope you are fine. I’m missing you a lot!” He said, looking at the anklet and slept peacefully.
They started the journey in the dawn. They continued like this for three days and two nights, and finally they were able to cross the desert. Then:-
“Bye…I wish you would find her soon.” The camel replied.
“Thank you, my friend,” Aryan said, riding away on his horse.
He reached the banks of a river, and the other side he found the snow covered mountains. He crossed the river with his horse and was wondering which way he has to take?
“Are you lost? Where do you want to go?” The mountain goat asked, coming there.
“I want to go to the death’s place!” He said, looking at the mountain goat.
“Are you related to that girl whom I took to the death’s place sometime back?” The goat asked.
“Do you mean this girl who was wearing similar anklet?” He asked, showing the anklet to the goat.
“Yes, I saw her wearing one similar one!” The goat said.
“Then she is the girl whom I love!” He said, keeping it back in his pocket. “Please take me to the death’s place.” He requested the mountain goat.
“Follow me!” The goat said, going forward.
They travelled together on the snow covered mountains. Then they reached the deep gorge. The goat leaped and reached the other end, followed by Aryan on his horse.
They continued their journey to the death’s place.

Finally, they reached the death's castle on the top of steep and rocky mountains.
“There it is!” The goat replied.
“Thank you very much!” Aryan said.
“Take care…bye…” The goat said, going away.
He reached the main door of the death’s castle and started knocking on it :-
“O death, I have come back to take my love with me. I challenge you to either return her or fight me!” Aryan cried.
“My lord, what would you do now?” The Chronicles asked him.
“I have left with no other option, but to fight him!” The death said, picking up a sword. “I hate doing this, but I’m helpless.”
“So you’ve decided to fight me, is it? Alright, I’m ready! Come on!” Aryan cried aloud.
The death’s sword came hard against Aryan’s sword…though he held his sword with all his strength…the force pushed him back a few steps.
He then hit the death’s sword. The fight continued and death felt he had his suitable match in him.
“He is fighting so well. I need to do something…I can’t lose…I can’t afford to lose…” The death thought.
When Aryan lifted his sword back and was about to strike the death’s sword with force, which could decide his victory or defeat, the death took that timing of split of a second as his advantage and brought his sword into his chest. The death pulled back his sword from his chest.
“No..” Aryan cried, falling to the ground, about to die.
“You know, your love story had really moved and touched me. It had been years since I had seen such a love with my own eyes,” The death said
“It’s not just you, but her love towards you was equally great. I haven’t come across a girl going to such an extent so far. Perhaps, another girl in her place might not have agreed for it.” The death continued.
“Agreed for what?” Aryan asked, in a choked voice, as he was in full pain and bleeding.
“She had come here seeking your soul,” The death said, looking at him and dropping his sword to the ground. “I tried my best to scare and send her back...but her resolve and will power was stronger than my expectations. She held back and fought against my resolve.”
“She had fasted for days together...I had to finally relent, but I had a problem as I couldn’t give your soul back just like that. I needed something as valuable as your soul to keep the mechanism of the world intact, so…..”
 “So….?” Aryan asked, with a frown on his face.
“I had asked for her youth, and she agreed to give it without even thinking for a second. I hated doing it, but I had no other option left, and I was so helpless.” The death replied.

“That means she is her?” Aryan asked, surprised and shocked.
“Yes, that old lady is her. She gave me her youth to get your soul back!” Death said, sadly, “How I wish I could have given this a happy ending…but like always, I couldn’t!”
“How could I have been so blind that I couldn’t recognize my true love?” Aryan said, “Sachika, please forgive me…I love you! I loved you so much in my life, and now I love you so much in my…” before breathing his last breath.
“…death.” The death completed his sentence, closing Aryan’s eyes with his fingers.
The old lady remained waiting for her lover forever.