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Haiku Contest 2016 Winners & Featured Writers

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Two fishermen fish
Yellow sunlight blue water
Trap into the net

Amit Shankar Saha

from the french window ...
multiple pieces of moon
in different shapes

Archana Kapoor Nagpal

The sun glared red bright
Dry, I thirsted for water Found
Only a mirage

Gitanjali Maria

Hurt, broken, bruised
Were they mere adjectives? Or
had they become her now?

Divya Garg

Warm sunshine on hills
a wind through many a mill
poet’s pen floats to heal.

Haimanti Dutta Ray

The Birth of a child
and the birth of a mother,
happens at same time.

Mittali Khurana

The yellow leaf
Stained with the brown of the mud
Even death is unclean

Neelam Chandra Saxena

    i regret buying
    the dream catcher

Niranjan Navalgund

I sense
more than you feel
A quarter hearted laughter

Ruchi Sharma

brewing tea…
thoughts of our first dance
steams up

Shivapriya Ganapathy

twice as swift as my thoughts v-formations

Shloka Shankar

first point of aries
swans search for their reflections
in cherry blossoms

Sneha Sundaram

not yet ready
to let go
-early autumn leaves

Vandana Parashar

Snowflake of summer,
direction to map, you are –
flower of winter.

Vidhi Bagadia

Lost and lonely
In my dark eerie coffin
I wait for you

Vidya Anand

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