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Dream or Reality

Nivedita Datta

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I am walking down the street looking for you. It is already 5 pm. You should already have been here. You know how much I hate it when you are late and keep me waiting. Finally I go and sit on a sofa in CC, blankly turning pages of a magazine kept on the table when I suddenly see you passing by the window. With crisp blue shirt tucked in, the perfectly unkempt hairs and with a bunch of yellow and red roses in your hands, you look handsome than ever. I feel blood rush through my veins and my heart skip a beat…

You start walking towards me with a bright smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes and just then the stupid alarm rang at 8 am waking me for my class. I can feel my heart beating fast wishing I could be in that dream for some more time …

I am still never sure if you are a reality in my dreams or just a dream in my reality???