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Canopy of Colours
Pragya Joshi

An infinite expanse of swirling colours,
like a surrealist painter’s palette
Starting off as a transparent gray
until the sun infuses it with its vibrancy,
giving the clouds not a silver, but a golden lining

The red and oranges of the morning
dissolve into the bright blue of the noon sky,
and as I squint against the harsh light,
I can see the cotton candy clouds wafting by.

But the picturesque view must go
as purple begins to dominate,
allowing just a rebellious streak of pink to pass through.
The clouds have sunk lower, forming fragmented rows
by the cool winds.

I see a man clicking a photograph
of this harmonisation of hues,
and the mood is just right,
So I pick up my pen and try to capture it with words.








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