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Oasis of Bliss

Bandana Kar

From your body oozes the pride of my forehead,
Petal after petal it falls from your chest;
On the soil I am love-lorn at the shore of your smile,
In the sky i am a mirage that misses you every while.

You are  remnants of love of the cloud of North,
My six acres dreams in the palm like earth,
A small jasmine I am in your heart’s hinterland,
The silent dew drops you are in my body’s mainland.

Death, decay, disease and all the misfortunes of the world
May befall on me but can't take you from my heart,
You are an eternity that I relish each day -
An oasis of bliss, what you are for me I can't even say!





saima afreen
rinzu rajan
vinita agrawal poetry
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