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Infinity and Beyond

Divya Garg

Intertwined and Entangled 
In the futility of life
Running and chasing
For the living

Every day I woke up
With the clasped hands
And the waning sight of wishful dreams
Every night I sleep
With the realization 
Of the lost minutes

Is this Life
Or is Life something beyond!

The developed embryo
Or the advanced Foetus 
Has it taken the desired form?

Lost in the mediocrity
Soaring and Plummeting  
In the rat-race
Mislaid myself

Scenic aesthetics
Whooshing into my veins
That pull me closer
Towards the ultimate reign 

Reverberations of the whirling winds
Transcend me to the other horizon

And I merely wonder
Will I surrender myself
Or my existence.
And then just ponder
Is this Life
Or is Life something beyond!











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