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The last man on earth heard a wail of a woman.He went out looking and came back. His heart missed a beat when the same cry came from inside.
Vasu G

20 years had passed since they last saw or spoke to each other. But they were still waiting - for one to die or another to be reborn!
Shreya Naik

Staccato rain fell hard on the tin roof. We stared blankly at the wall in front of us, then out the window. A mosquito kept us company.
Shloka Shankar

She sat on the boulder all day. When night came, she dived into the blue waters, while they caught a brief glimpse of a retreating tailfin.

Varina Rasquinha

She said, “I’ll always be waiting”. But she was sick. In another moment’s delay, she would faint in that white gown. He arrived in two.
Ceona Benjamin Salve

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