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Twitter Fiction 2015 Longlist

She was busy fighting her insecurities.
Meanwhile he lit last cigarette completing her smoky portrait; mysterious, alluring & out of reach.
Divya Chauhan

Her lips were trembling. Eyes drowned in salty rivers. She had lost belief in relation. This wasn’t her value. She was sold to a brothel.
Diwakar Pokhriyal

The last man on earth heard a wail of a woman.He went out looking and came back. His heart missed a beat when the same cry came from inside.
Vasu G

The 6-month-old cried out loud as the man tightly held her. Her helpless parents just watched as she cried on and the man pierced her ears.
Sanghamitra Mazumdar

He promised to write her notes, begging for forgiveness, till the day he dies. She never forgave him, until the day the notes stopped coming.
Sanhita Baruah

She blessed them all. She was sulking into depression after cursing those who misbehaved with her during the course of life.

Divvisha Bharati

She often broke up because she needed some time alone. Once he broke up and she felt lonely.

Anjali Khurana

Her parents concerned about her solitude. Although she was never alone.
Amen Benjamin

20 years had passed since they last saw or spoke to each other. But they were still waiting - for one to die or another to be reborn!
Shreya Naik

The haunting screams from the girl next door reminded the lady of her own brutal scars.
She hid them under her sleeves, yet again.
Deepika Narayani

"It's a girl", announced the midwife.
Prachi Manchanda

He was to return from the space station in a week. First the communication broke. Then he witnessed the blue planet dissolving into magma.
Arka Datta

Cemeteries of broken hearts
Tombstones wrought with promises of love undead.
All the unsung songs;
Under this dead moon,
I sing on tonight..
Debdip Maitra

You trained me to go on air and recite. But I stressed all the syllables. You said that I have forgotten all prosody. But you forgot the stress.
Amit Shankar Saha

Staccato rain fell hard on the tin roof. We stared blankly at the wall in front of us, then out the window. A mosquito kept us company.
Shloka Shankar

Changing the radio channels, I hit 91.27 FM.
"Go next door. Kill the old hag."
Hypnotized, I obeyed.
The Police said there was no 91.27 FM.

Rafaa Dalvi

Isn’t it too short! A story in 140 characters, my mom asked. Why? You decided with whom you’ll spend your entire life in an hour, I quipped.
Arjun Mukherjee

She sat on the boulder all day. When night came, she dived into the blue waters, while they caught a brief glimpse of a retreating tailfin

Varina Rasquinha

"Miss, what does this acid do?" asked Om innocently.
Now he knew what to do with the girl who rejected him in front of all eighth graders.

Aditi Mahajan

Shiv looked at the girl sitting opposite to him and then looked at his parents. They nodded.

"So... Do you cook?" he asked her. She looked at him for a moment and answered, "Yes, do you?"

Neha Malude

At the funeral
Nobody cried for dad.

Sunil Sharma

She: Call me a kid again and I won't be your friend anymore, in this life.
I repeated-Kid!
In five minutes, she un-friended me on facebook.
Piyush Kumar

She said, “I’ll always be waiting”. But she was sick. In another moment’s delay, she would faint in that white gown. He arrived in two.
Ceona Benjamin Salve

Suspended Animation

I need to back up computer, deploy equipment, and egg me on to develop proposals. Head feels spaced out, so postponing...

Bindu Saxena


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