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Of grave diggings, afterglows, and dances of madness...

Debdip Maitra

Dance, my angel, dance... For you are a force of nature... Dance, find yourself, and revel in your glory... Dance through the stars and walk down the milky way... Dance, and let my eyes drink in thy beauty like you are the ocean, and I a traveller lost in the desert... Even though it will course red-hot through my veins, burning me up from within... But, it's okay, I'm caught up in the heat of my passion anyway...So dance, create new worlds at your fancy, and tear old ones down at your whim...Create, re-create the whole fiber of my being to suit your fantasy...Let me bathe in the glow of your being, drinking in every single detail about you... Getting close, closer, so close to my sun that every single drop of sweat clinging to your eyelashes are visible in a burst of HD colours... Moving in close with reckless abandon... Come, mould me up with the warmth of your heart, your smile's afterglow melting the deepest thaws, the most resilient steel of my heart... And then, you move away, your whim forgotten... Your fancy caught by some other trinket, you dance on towards your next plaything... And I freeze, crystallizing in the sudden absence of your guiding inferno into all rawness and sharp edges... Bleeding myself dry everytime I clench my fist to drive out the pain Drive out the voices inside my head... And my silent screams echo on... Mingling with the ringing notes of your being... Mingling, perfectly in tune with the harmonic chaos of the memories to rip my world to shreds, tearing off the last vestiges of my sanity with absolute abandon...Revelling in the redness flowing as I bleed myself dry on the memories frozen crystal-perfect in time... I forget on some nights, that I'm supposed to have buried you... Buried us... And then we're grave robbing for the rest of the night...Revelling with reckless abandon in the dance of the dead as I bleed out...And my whole world finally goes black...









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